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  1. Thanks for your answer, Jaclaz. BTW, it's somewhat funny to communicate in English... since we're both from Italy For the record, I ran TestDisk to check if the partition was corrupted, but there was definitely something wrong. After I chose the drive in the selection page, it took a LOT of time to open the next one (Partition Table). Then I checked one option after another, getting always the same answer: bad partition. Doing a QuickSearch caused the app to freeze after a few sectors (327680). Doesn't seem like a good sign to me.
  2. Hi everybody. I just created a new account, although I read the forum since several months. Looks like there's plenty of information... I guess I'll have to learn - and read - a lot of things before writing... except for asking questions, of course I'm a newbie with Windows: I worked with Mac OS for years and it's time to expand my skills learning how to manage both OS. Hope I'll get some help here. Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi everybody. Still here in 2019 trying to recover these ill-fated 7200.11 drives... Six months ago I got one of them from a colleague, ST31000333AS with SD35 firmware, in BSY state. I got an USB-to-RS232 cable from eBay, installed the drivers, set everything up and restored it in less than an hour. All data were still there... complete success. Last month a friend asked me to fix his HD, same model and same firmware. I thought "that's an easy one, I've already done it". And of course something went wrong. My fear is that at the very end of the process I made a mistake turning off the power too soon... Now the BIOS can see the hd, with the right 1 Tb capacity, but the partition is not recognized. I repeated the whole process many times, but after the "m0..." command the results are not as expected: I have to wait 10-12 minutes, then I get this message "User Partition Format 4% complete, Zone 00, Pass 00, LBA 00004AA5, ErrCode 00000080, Elapsed Time 0 mins 30 secs User Partition Format Successful - Elapsed Time 0 mins 30 secs Zone re-format was skipped." Do you think it's bricked without hope, or is there still a chance to get it back to work? Many thanks in advance for your suggestions.
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