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  1. I decided to give it up with Windows ME and try Windows 98SE, it seems this issue cannot be resolved.. So for my surprise, during Windows 98 setup process, it asked me to select the desired code page. I did it and changed it to Greek 869 and finally OS could recognize Greek correctly with no more gibberish! This option wasn`t available in Windows ME setup, I checked even with advance setup. I installed some more stuff regarding win98 OS but with the 98SE2ME patch the problem revived, at least not as severe as before. I will continue to experiment and hopefully I will find the best combination.
  2. Καλησπέρα Harry! I used a downloaded media of Windows ME [Microsoft Windows ME (4.90.3000) (Retail Full)], burned it with Nero in the lowest speed in a CD-RW and verified. So I think the media is ok. Installation was quite straightforward, the only reference of language or something was to choose my region and time zone. Did I missed something or is something hidden/specific to do while installing; One last thing I tried is to change fonts from desktop options -> appearance and select Greek Ms Sans Serif. This corrected the problem in some windows but only till next restart, so it wasn't permanent. Generally I am out of thoughts on what to do else. If I am not missing something during windows install or there is no way to change default windows fonts even from registry, I will try to use Windows 98 SE.
  3. Hello again, I have tried some things with no luck. At first, I renamed the folder with Greek name in English ( in Windows 10 pc) and checked in Windows ME. The folder was accessible but whatever Greek named appear in there was still with weird characters. I scandisk the usb drive and opened properties tab. You can see in the picture bellow (with circle an example of file which appears in gibberish. Also scandisk messed with the USB files, I lost some pdf and some Greek notepad files weren`t accessible even in windows 10. I tried also to install Office 2000 pro in Greek, hoping this may somehow fix the problem. After a lot of guessing (Gibberish in many windows) it installed successfully and inside office I have Greek appearing ok and also writing. But in general, the problem persists. I cannot even write in Greek in windows like name a folder or a file in Greek. I checked all possible keyboard settings as you can see in next picture with no luck. I don`t know what else to try, I think it`s a font/script issue, the system doesn`t set the font script in Greek and keeping it in western. All Greek fonts are present and working, checked and write successfully in notepad by selecting a font with Greek script. I am open to suggestion!
  4. These folders are on a usb disk which is in FAT32 filesystem. Also my main HDD has tow partitions, before I install the English version of windows ME, I had the Greek one, so I had created some folders there with Greek names. Its very weird, in the past I didn`t have any of these problems.
  5. Thanks! I forgot to mention in the first post but I have already install Greek from multilanguage support, it was the first I did after OS install. Back in the days I didn't had such a problem, I worked english windows of Me for some years with no problem. Maybe it was a patch from windows update that fixed the problem.
  6. Hello, I have installed Windows ME English on an old system of mine for retro reasons along with the Cumulative Update, KernelEX etc. But my main problem is that the system won`t recognize Greek language correctly. I have set the appropriate option in local settings but as you can see in the picture it isn`t working. As a result I cannot access folders with Greek names, they aren`t recognized by the system (their names are only dashes and can`t be accessed). Is there any solution? I could have installed the Greek version of Windows ME but the recent updates, patches etc aren`t working correctly and the system becomes unstable.
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