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  1. Hello! I'm unable to download the installer for the latest version for some reason. This is what I get. Two different laptops and my phone. Is there an alternate link to download it from? Thanks! Edit: I managed to download it from https://www.techspot.com/downloads/downloadnow/6207/?evp=d9f913b04aaf59bc81b0e65acdc5e5df&file=1
  2. Ok, I figured out what was going on. PayPal uses their own ways of converting the currency. When I changed the setting to have my credit card issuer to do the conversion instead, it let me donate. Thanks anyway! I greatly appreciate your efforts into making Windows 10 more beautiful! You rock!
  3. I wouldn't mind having to wait till the end of the day, really.
  4. BigMuscle, what if you send me a payment request? Would that work?
  5. Hello there! I've already donated once and wanted to donate again using another PayPal account. However, I'm unable to do so, PayPal says I can't use my credit card to send money to BigMuscle's account, and I can't use the account credit either. I spoke with Paypal about it, they mentioned something about some kind of setting in the receiver's account (in this case, yours) not being set up in a way that allows donations from other countries or something. I even registered a virtual version of my international credit card, but I got the same message BigMuscle, is there another way I can send you a donation, so I can get extra keys? Let me know if you need more details.
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