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  1. Hy there.. this is an old topic already, but if "paprika" is around here and can tell me how u did it... i have the same probleme and no solve yet... regards, DarXyde
  2. hy there... how can i use LTP 8.0 in an unattended xp install ? pls help
  3. Anyone knows,a code for registering extensions of winrar ? ... to make a reg key or something like that... 10x :) I have make an SFX from my already installed winrar, it works fine... i just wannt to know how can i register extensions ...
  4. If anyone intersted... i have found where irfan view is keeping registration info ... to simple to see it... in main program folder usually "C:\Program Files\IrfanView" .. there is ini file "i_view32.ini" . you can find there your registration info... you can just copy this ini to your later irfan view folder keeping your settings and registration info... 10x for your help guys... and hope this topic will help other people like me ..
  5. Well... i like to work just with programs registered ... i never work with irfanview unregistered ... i think i will give up until i find a solution .. 10x again.. good point of view
  6. 10x Opitius... but this not solve my problem... i know how to install it silent... i need a way to register it unattended, with a reg key or something like that... anyway I apreciate your effort to help ...
  7. 10x alot Mancubus .... I will try now to see how can I use that information... Well ... is working ... i have created a folder in XPCD "C:\XPCD\$OEM$\$progs\Opera 8 Beta\" and copy it there this file "OUsr600.dat" from my already installed Opera ... is working fine... thanks again Mancubus... I still have trouble with registering Irfan View if someone can help me with this to i`m out ..
  8. I have looking everywhere, but i can find it... How can I register Opera 8.0 (beta) unattended, adding reg key or in other way ... Same question about IrfanView 3.95 ... Sorry if is a stupid question, and thanks for anyone can help with this trouble...

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