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  1. Hi all, I downloaded the build scripts and modified a couple of things. I am using WinBuilder 082. I changed how how it makes and sets "Drive X" as the hard drive and "Drive Y" as the CD-ROM. Actually I am not even using the CD-ROM all that much. The scripts produce an ISO, but I changed it so that on boot time it copies everything to the Hard Drive and then runs off the Hard drive (RAM Disk). I did this so that I can also produce a hard drive image that I gzip and use to remote boot over PXE using Pxelinux from syslinux. The Pxelinux essentially creates the RAM drive using the MEMDISK module before Windows 98 boots. I also made changes to the script so that files are copied from source folders instead of being extracted from the scripts during the build process. I like being able build this project from the source media. With that in mind I do not really like using the pre patched and included binaries from Windows 95 inside the original source scripts. I have had to modify some of the source files such as lnk, pifs, noreboot.exe and the registry files. One thing I notice is that the included registry (user.dat & system.dat) has a lot of entries in Portuguese. This has the consequence that the device manager appears in Portuguese. I don't know how the original one was produced, but I would like some suggestions as I am trying to produce an English one. I am also curious as to how the file runonce.exe was modified. I actually hunted down a Portuguese version of Windows 95 2.1 to get the original file. I noticed it was the same internal file version but the source file is a lot smaller. I have booted Windows 98 SE inside VMware Workstation 12.5 using the Intel MT 1000 NIC and the AMD PC Net NIC. Also in Virtual Box 5.2.18 with the same NICs. I suspect using a USB Pen drive with Syslinux and MEMDISK will also load the OS. Regards, AceStrider1

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