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  1. Okay i installed ~ 150 Updates PER HAND and did what you said. Still not working. So in summary: I installed Windows 2000 with SP4 Then installed 150 Updates by Hand Installed the registry edit for 4 cores Updated acpi Multiprocessor driver and bios still not working, if somebody knows something i still have to install or can try please let me know, thanks. PS: If i want to install the ex.kernel from blackwingcat what exactly do i have to install and download?
  2. What do you mean with CPU driver? I installed Chipset Drivers, Audio Drivers, GPU Drivers and Network Drivers.
  3. Yes with Windows XP i can use all 4 Cores. The Thing is Windows 2000 Prof. can only use 2 Cores by default, so i need to tweak it to use all 4. But i do not know what exactly i need to do to use all 4 cores. I now have installed windows 2000 and service pack 4. i now need to know what do i also have to install to get all 4 cores working, just the registry tweak does not change anything for me. or should that be all i have to do? because it does not work.
  4. I use a Core2Quad Q6600 and it uses 2 Cores, normal for Stock w2k.
  5. Yeah i found that link already but what i really need to know is WHAT except for Windows 2000 and Service Pack 4 do i have to install in order to use 4 cores? A simple list would be very helpful.
  6. I already did this. What i did is installing Windows 2000 SP4 and this registry change. I also installed a german updates pack because SP5 does not work. What else do i have to do. I guess i need to install the KernelEX but i do not know what files i have to download.
  7. Hi, i am running Windows 2000 with Service Pack 4 on a Core2Quad machine, i found this thread: and would also like to enable all 4 cores of my cpu in w2k. I am new to this, can someone tell me what exactly i have to install and where i can find it? for USP5 i tried to install this: https://www.majorgeeks.com/files/details/microsoft_windows_2000_unofficial_sp.html but it does not work because i have a german version of windows 2000. i do not know where to find "Update Rollup 2" and UUR or BWC ext. Kernel. Edit: I think BWC ext. Kernel is this: but i do not know which files i have to download and install.
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