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  1. Good to know that one have so many choices and 7/8.0/8.1 all viable if one overcomes the artificial blocks implented by MS
  2. Thanks, you really made my day now there is HOPE, of course I am okay with "old" OS as long as they provide a viable alternative to Win 10. Well still only in the planning phase so no need to rush, but I would take the newest hardware which can be made work with Win 8.0, before this I was almost ready to bite the bullet and switch to 10 because heard there is no way to make new CPUs work with anything else other than 10(maybe with 7 if one very tech savy).
  3. Finally a little bit of good news! However according to different sources Microsoft writes drivers for the CPU, what I heard in theory nothing stopping AMD and Intel releasing their own processor drivers for Win7/8.0/8.1 but they wont since long time. I7 6700K(skylake) the last one supported by Intel which was released years ago, sure I will search for drivers but fear there is a little hope for success, still thank you anyway, for the only good news.
  4. I have a sealed copy of Windows 8.0 Pro(64bit) laying around somewhere and I want to build a new pc soon enough, thinking that would be nice avoid switching to Win 10(mainly due spying and less control overy my system). My concern is that what I have heard newer CPU-s(also motherboards) wont support anything other than Windows 10 ( Kaby Lake and Coffee Lake), I mean there are rumors that you can make certain older OS work with newer CPU-s but there is lack of information about Win 8.0 on the internet, therefore I came for asking your help. Please anyone can tell me, what is the newest CPU, GPU etc I can go with if I intend to choose Win 8.0 as my OS! Thank you very much
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