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  1. I'm back to post my sucessful story It took a while for the USB-TTL cable to arrive, and after that I still had to wait til I had few work to do. These past two weeks were very busy for me. Anyway, I decided to use an old Dell computer at work to do the procedure, as it had WIndows XP and Hyperterminal. The program immediately recognized the HD, the card trick worked fine, nothing fried when I removed and reinserted the power cord into the HD, and I was able to recover all my data. Fun fact: The PC couldn't recognize the HD after I did the procedure because that specific SATA port was disabled in the BIOS lol freaked out for a sec, but after that was sorted out, I was immediately able to back up everything from the HD. Thank you jaclaz for helping people with this problem for almost a decade now. I'm a happy man
  2. Happy new year! I got a STM3500320AS drive that seems to have this exact BSY problem. It seems to receive power and doesn't make any loud noises, but isn't recognized by Windows nor the BIOS. I don' know much about soldering and was wondering if a USB-Serial cable like the ones in the following links would do the trick in order to access the HD via HyperTerminal: Ali Express Local reseller Also, it seems the images in the first post are broken. I need to know where should I connect each plug lol Is there any updated tutorial that maybe requires less equipment? Thanks.