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  1. Numb


    Good Thank's to Joveler to not forget the %ExitCode% for WimMount/WimUnMount and for future Wimlib command. ----- mount/unmount on windows does not seem in Eric Bigger's plans: https://wimlib.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=254#p387
  2. Numb


    It is progressing fine I just tested Wim(Un)mount. It is fine with the progress bar and the percentage displayed. by cons it would be good to have the %ExitCode% to handle errors by scripts, rather than the message box: Build Stopped by Error! The main error is indeed when the mounted folder is opened in explorer. I also use Wimlib to avoid these worries, mainly apply and capture. It would be good to have some Wimlib command in a future version, wiminfo, wimapply, wimcapture, wimexport, wimextract
  3. Numb


    I have a "Build stopped by error" if i change the shell loader in Win10PESE The 3 lines "Visible,%ExtCustomW_TextLabel%,..." must to be deleted in 0-Shell Loader.script. ExtCustomW_TextLabel does not exist. -------------------- PEBackery crash if we click on the log button without prior processing, on a fresh install for example. It crash if DB_BuildInfo table is empty in PEBakeryLog.db
  4. Numb


    I realised how stupid I am to broach this still so sensitive subject. By criticizing one place it suggests that I support the other, oh yes, of course. What an a***ole I am. Sorry to wake up the old demons. At the same time and to avoid losing face, it has the merit to be clear: Better a place in peace like here maybe but especially Github for the development. I deleted the concerned part in my previous post. That is none of my business, after all.
  5. Numb


    Hello dencorso, It was just to separate the different points. I would do it next time. By cons I have not found how to do for the line spacing!
  6. Numb


    Nice works, you made me want to connect I tried with Win10PESE with a successful build, correctly started in VMPlayer. I wish you a good continuation. Have you something already planned to design the interface ? Few things seen In Win10PESE Main Configuration, Build model, There are 4 choices: Normal,In RAM (boot.wim),_BuildModel_Choice_,True The last 2 (section, progress) should not be displayed Same for Boot Manager I have a problem with the cache, I open PEBackery If I modify a script, the modifications are not treated. Caching should probably be done after clicking the 2 buttons: Build or Run Script It is a very good choice to have the log written in a SQLite database Personally, I would have removed the choice for logging macros (maybe comments also) in setting and add some checkbox choices in the log viewer. Might be debatable. About the weird mess syntax , I partly agree, but I certainly would not have taken batch/cmd as an example. cmd is really a much worse %~dp0, %~n1, set string=%string:~0,3%, set string=!string:~0,-1!, ... No problem with Goto if well used. But hey, this discution does not allow any progress and it is probably too early. However, my 2 cents on syntax, the first thing would be the escape chars #$q, #$s... # alone or other special char should be enough. A second would be the If, Begin, End, Else, Begin, End If expression ..... Else ... EndIf A 3rd could be to remove all the commas delimiter to be replaced by spaces but it is probably be like that to save time for the interpreter and development. Just few ideas to ripen for latter.
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