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  1. Has anyone tested the One Core API found here: <link removed>

    And is it perhaps possible to install USB 3.0 Intel drivers and HD Graphics 6000 using it? I'd like the know mainly for experimental reasons on my Acer...

    I mean I could try it myself but I don't want to risk anything... :/

    Thanks in advance

  2. It's true: many (but not all) hardware configurations run Vista SP2 better than 7 SP1. A lot of people are not willing to believe this, however, and software/hardware developers seem to be dropping support at the same time as XP... meaning Vista will have a very short life compared to 7. 7 also has backported the telemetry and forced Windows Updates settings, and I'd rather not have to decipher what updates to not install.

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  3. Thanks for the support. I already know how to turn off notifications for Security Centre, and I don't really care if there is an issue. Does it auto-update okay or does it require manual intervention in order to update the virus definitions? I didn't see it mentioned in any of the posts I managed to read last night.

  4. Even if you don't use IE it's still worth keeping it up to date because of security reasons, just saying. That said, I quite liked IE 11 when I used it back when I was still running Windows 7. It worked for most sites I tried it on and Edge is a step back in my opinion.

    In total there should be around 190 updates for Windows 7 after a clean install of SP1.

  5. Sorry... I think it was quite late at night I made that post (around early 9pm UTC). Wasn't thinking and didn't really have any time to read 19 pages. I'll take a look later, though I mainly wanted just a brief overview rather than a full-blown tutorial (I could likely get things sorted myself, if I wasn't confused as to what version was the last for XP, I've seen people saying 4.8 works on XP here, while the last official one was 4.4.304) :(

  6. I too find it offputting the board software hardly works on anything not modern. Seriously, IPS4 is ridiculously bloated, it hardly works using XP with 1 GB RAM on an Intel Atom... just tons of fancy JS and AJAX everywhere causes the site to severely lag.

    SMF would be a much more suitable forum software for this specific use case of a forum, 2.x will work with IE6 just fine lmao.

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  7. The new UI looks like Edge's. I refuse to touch it.

    Plus, Firefox's only edge over Chrome pre-Quantum was the flexibility of customisations: now that is gone, it is now pretty much a complete copy of Google Chrome, the browser they oh-so-idol and have some sort of fetish for...

    I will stay with Pale Moon thank you!

  8. I've been a fan of Pale Moon since before it became more widely known (been using it since around the end of 2015) and I must say this is some great work that has been put into making it compatible with ol' NT 5.1! :)

    I'm having no problems on NT 5.1.2600.5512 fully updated - no POSready 2009 patches - using a build from around last Friday or so.

    Thanks, now my XP netbook is ready to go and works rather well with the Internet, and also means I don't have to deal with deprecated Chrome backports (SlimJet), the odd forced ClearType glitch (Firefox/SeaMonkey) and spyware (Maxthon).

    I really appreciate the work you put in this. Thanks again, I don't think I can thank you enough ^.^

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