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  1. Just use an atlas theme file. It has the close, maximize, minimize buttons and the title bars
  2. So, I'm trying a dev build on 1709 and runs nicely, but is it normal for the dwm window to stay open or...? I've tried in the screenshot to show the os version and build, the batch file, the dwm window and the contents of the aeroglass folder (that actually is all in there, despite the fact that it looks like it isn't all). EDIT: I've just read some comments before mine and found out that the dwm window is a debug window and it's supposed to be visible. Oh well, at least it works flawlessly. Oh, and my dev build isn't a dev build, but a public experimental one. I should've documented myself before posting, but I'll keep this post just to show some details in case i've made any mistakes or if anyone wants to try my setup. :^) EDIT 2: Forgot to mention how useful is the multi desktop feature of Win10, now I can ignore the debug window.

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