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  1. Quality of OSes

    I had a look at this thread: windows-10-deeper-impressions. I don't think it is this type of thing to convince. But what do you think? (or someone else) How to find a lot of people about it?
  2. Quality of OSes

    @ bphlpt Sorry, somehow I suddenly felt totally awful about this thread. Not that I think I did something wrong. Unless someone really points me to something and it is true. I think it is some types of replies and the fact that this forum is on the closing side. But it's a bit better now. I don't mean an OS that should be adapted to be more like another. I mean pressing charges to larger manufacturers by a lot of people. So that they don't run any risks. Because the software and hardware they produce is fraudulent. To give an example: I run Windows XP. It uses far less hardware resources then later versions of Windows. While there are no logical reasons for it, other than this is someone else's financial plan. Besides the enormous amounts of money that already went to these manufacturers. So it is dishonorable and insulting to self to take any more offers they do. Of course unless this is wanted. It is dumb to be bound to ''not allowing self to do or not do something'' in some cases. Or to let this become a burden. The solution is simply an initiative that does something about it. In all freedom and happiness. Just modifying some operating system is not what I mean. Though it is not wise to invent a whole different foundation. Sooner: add some, like Linux, MacOS. With pressing charges I mean money as a goal. And basically I would sooner think of others to make an operating system (or hardware). There are lots of people that clearly understand this much better.
  3. Quality of OSes

    I think that if the ownership of this forum goes to a number of people that are interested in the subject, it can continue to exist. But I don't know what the periodical cost of it is. I wanted to make this interesting and peaceful thread. But it is more like falling in a needle bush. (Though certainly not by all). I think it is totally part of the subject of this thread: what if the ownership of this forum goes to a number of people that are interested in what this forum is about? Though I don't know what the cost of this is. And are there enough people here that are interested? ..But also how some things work. Possibly it can all be made more like how a hobby works. Like with help requests. How it works in different cases doesn't seem allocated right. A policy that works better for everyone.
  4. Quality of OSes

    Sorry, I think I have made a mistake in what I said after this post above. I apologize. The thing is The threads I posted are about some kinds of fraud. That is already a bad thing. Apart from that the quickest response to it, was totally e.g. insulting to me. Which is nobody's fault. Not of any normal forum users. (Or moderators) To me that makes it horrid to read replies too precisely, until matters are more cleared up. It looks like it the others in this thread have this same kind of problem.
  5. Quality of OSes

    I though I would post this first and then read replies. Posting these two threads I am just thinking: I should just talk about this with others. Where it is likely it is about that. But this: I said: ''pressing charges''. This will involve lawyer(s). Does this idea lead to doubts, that sort of things to one or more others here?
  6. Quality of OSes

    But this subject is new. To say it short: it is like a savings account with possibly a very high interest rate. But there must be the opportunity to talk about it peacefully. The main thing is pressing charges by a lot of people. So they don't run any risks. The contents of these charges is things that lead to an operating system and hardware that is not a cash cow to a few individuals. Maybe it doesn't sound that good as a plan. I don't know and I don't have to know now. In all cases it needs a conversation by more than one person.
  7. Quality of OSes

    This about ''how I say something'' has to go. Or I simply can't continue this. Even: agreeing that I did not make a mistake. It could be ok if it is left for now and a remark about it when there is an opportunity to. I am ok with a change in wording if there is something with it.
  8. Quality of OSes

    A minute ago, I saw this thread:
  9. Quality of OSes

    But to elaborate on the two OP-posts I posted: Do you believe all these updates are necessary? So-coincidentally eating all of your systems resources. It looks more like some sort of financial plan to me. The same with new versions of OSes and hardware too: CPU's, RAM. I did not even start about that. Which doesn't make it more complicated. It seems to be directed quite centrally. Who wants to work with someone else's financial plan? Or even have it in his house? I say that the safety aspect is controversial. And that anyone can see that right here and now. And even that if this is something, it is TOTALLY clear that there is a much better method that does not change how well the operating system works to the user. And of course all these other nonsensical issues people run into. So really a bit more emphasize on 'all'.
  10. Quality of OSes

    All in all I think a reply could be: I don't see how this works right away, so I added the name: Basically it is true what it says here. Just how I intended to say it. Or what happens in that case: short, catchy, sufficiently true. And apparently not many people are thinking about it. Indeed a reason to say anything to anyone. I don't mean your reply (here) as much, but normally someone would reply something relating to the content.
  11. Quality of OSes

    Hi jaclaz. I was just busy replying.
  12. Quality of OSes

    I got two or three desktop messages about a new reply. I actually posted the above first, without reading them. I thought that there is a chance they won't be as bad as those before. So now I will read them and possibly reply.
  13. Quality of OSes

    I think I should just keep this short and simple. I started the topic, but I never intended to take some complete charge over it. About this I just mean people talking about it. Just some interesting, sunny kind of thing. But some things in the view I have MUST rule. So that this and other things can't become corrupted. So for now, this is hopefully enough about this. That about me talking nonsense must go. Any critique, ok, but then make a clear remark. Btw, I like to keep some sort of dialect of my language. But even though this is not a problem, maybe this can't. Or not right now. And so far I don't see I really did that here anyway. This is just like as with the product this is about: you bought it, but it is like the manufacturer still has some claims on it that it can not have. Like getting sold a bread where the baker first takes this insulting bite out of. With saliva and all. Before your eyes… now good bye.
  14. Quality of OSes

    But I am not continuing this with some mad thing about me saying things in a language other then I am saying it in.
  15. Quality of OSes

    This is nonsense. And strange, because it isn't.