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  1. So i got it to work, but it shows a dwm.exe prompt and doesn't go away, is it supposed to permanently stay open?
  2. So i copied the text and made the schedule.bat, but it doesn't work for me, any solution or am i doing something wrong?
  3. That's awesome you got it to work, i tried what you said with no luck! Maybe a fresh install will help. Anyways if you got to work maybe that means it's an easy fix and there will be a new version soon.
  4. So AeroGlass is confirmed to not work with the Windows 10 1709 update? d*** i've been having nothing but non-stop bsods since the October updates and 1709 is supposed to fix it. So i guess i have to choose between random bsods and AeroGlass or no AeroGlass and hopefully no more bsods.... Why does every big update always break AeroGlass!? Thanks @bigmuscle for continuing to support AeroGlass hope to see a new release soon, but i get it, it takes time.
  5. Just re-downloaded the key and restarted the computer and it no longer shows, don't know what was wrong with the original key they both have the same machine id. Sometimes the minimize, maximize and close buttons disappear in windows explorer, photos app or even on edge. Is anybody else experience this or might know how to fix it?
  6. So i have my donation key in the Aero Glass folder on the C drive, but the watermark is still there and i still get the error message saying i don't have the donation key.
  7. Oh my bad, it probably was a feature on a custom theme i got. Sorry for the confusion.
  8. The AeroGlassGUI doesn't show up when i right click, is there a way to fix it?

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