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  1. Looking at your dump file, it appears to be the same error as what we are experiencing. I'm surprised that your other windows don't crash too.
  2. Yeah, it's happening to several of us. Big Muscle has been made aware of it and he found the bug and will update it soon. Here is his post: http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/176668-when-will-there-be-a-version-for-windows-10-1703?/?do=findComment&comment=1143130
  3. I have the same issue, even since beta for Creators Update. I've had the issue on two separate computers, a work PC with free Aero Glass install and a home PC with a donation install. The home PC has a brand new, clean install of Windows 10 1703 and still has the issue, even after downloading fresh symbols. I looked at your dump file and compared it to mine, apparently we are suffering the same error (but my debugging skills are weak). It appears to be a failure in dwmcore pertaining to the following: PROBLEM_CLASSES: ID: [0n292] Type: [@ACCESS_VIOLATION] Class: Addendum Scope: BUCKET_ID Name: Omit Data: Omit PID: [Unspecified] TID: [0x11f4] Frame: [0] : dwmcore!CDrawingContext::GetWorldTransform4x4 ID: [0n265] Type: [INVALID_POINTER_WRITE] Class: Primary Scope: DEFAULT_BUCKET_ID (Failure Bucket ID prefix) BUCKET_ID Name: Add Data: Omit PID: [Unspecified] TID: [0x11f4] Frame: [0] : dwmcore!CDrawingContext::GetWorldTransform4x4 --- Looking at your dump, I'm guessing that you are using NVidia. Both of my PC's use Intel on-board graphics. I can attach dump files if requested by BM, but it looks almost identical to Deel's.

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