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  1. Do all of your computers have nvidia gpu? Maybe these glitches happen only on intel and amd gpus.
  2. Does anyone have this bug in file explorer with aeroglass and BlurDeviation set to a value higher than 0? https://webmshare.com/oPOX6
  3. Don't remember if they happened in TH2. Glitches only happened on my secondary monitor with RS1, if blur is set to 0 they don't happen. On RS2 glitches are more prone to happen on my primary screen but can happen on both, blur at 0 may be a workaround too, did not check, I have it set at 10 and they happen less often at least. If dwm crashes taskview's background (desktop wallpaper while in taskview) will get glitched up, did not try to end dwm.exe task without aeroglass yet, so it may not be aeroglass that causes this particular glitch, also it probably only appears if monitor resolutions are different. Disappearing parts of windows happen differently on both RS1 and RS2, RS1 are easy to reproduce, RS2 seem more random. My primary monitor is 1440p, secondary - 1080p.

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