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  1. I definitely have the BSY error (and I think the LBA0 error as well). I HAVE NOT been able to recover the data yet using the "safe and tested" methods. I can get it to "spin down", reconnect the motor, and actually spin up. At this point I plug in the SATA cable, the OS recognizes the drive, installs driver, and reports no partitions on the disk, but only for a short time. I am powering with a second power supply to maintain power to the drive when computer is shut down. What I will try next: get drive to spin up shut down computer with drive still powered/spinning turn on computer and enter BIOS if drive is recognized in BIOS, attempt to boot from firmware update CD
  2. Bump. I have read everywhere that updating the firmware is to be avoided at all costs... Is this really a valid solution? Has anyone had success with this other than @BFeely ? Word. Didn't know if there was some magical command specific to fw SX15 I was unaware of.
  3. @BFeely, I noticed step 12 you suggest the "F3 2>H" command. Did you mean "F3 2>U" to spin up the drive? H is a command on the Head... Has anyone else had luck with this method on an already bricked ST31000340AS with SX15 firmware?
  4. Hey guys, I have an ST31000340AS 1TB drive. I can "spin down", remove paper, and spin up successfully, but when I get to the "F3 1>N1" command, I get "Unknown Diag Cmd Failure 12CC4". After this failure, I can successfully spin down the drive before removing power. I was able to view the drive in Device Manager briefly, and found that the firmware is SX15 (not SD15 as the printed label indicated) like this: I configured BIOS to allow hot swapping Did the spin down/remove paper/spin up procedure Connected the drive via SATA to motherboard Windows installed driver for the HDD Found the drive in Device Manager Viewed the Properties and found the firmware version written somewhere (forget where exactly) The drive did not have any volume information, and it did not stay mounted long. It disconnected after several minutes. Regardless, after getting the 12CC4 error, I tried to do the "F3 T>m0,2,2,,,,,22" command. I got no response through the terminal, even after waiting for 2 HOURS. I tried "CTRL + Z" and it was unresponsive, so I did a power cycle. It still responds to the spin down/up procedure just fine, but I can't get past the N1 step and I'm afraid to try the m0,2,2,,,,,22 step again. Any advice? P.S. - "F3 C>Q" also yields the "Unknown Diag Cmd Failure 12CC4" error.
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