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  1. There is no need to log in at all if not for tracking and marketing purposes. Panda pulls the same stunt. Is there any antivirus that runs on XP that doesn't require asinine things like creating multiple email addresses, and doesn't hound the user with popups advertising their paid versions?
  2. This may not have nag screens, but it DOES require a log-in, allowing them to tie multiple machines together. This is an even bigger privacy violation, IMHO - pass.
  3. My only issue is finding something that doesn't nag constantly about purchasing something. I liked MSE for that alone...the XP virtual machines I'm running aren't at high risk for infection, but still, should have something just in case. Suggestions on free A/V that doesn't constantly demand you knock down some sales pitch? (And much thanks to everyone who kept MSE running on XP as long as was possible...those of us out here really appreciate it!)
  4. Try going TWO posts above your original. Had you read those two posts, you'd have all the information and software you need, and wouldn't need to ask other people to distill it for you.
  5. Wow. Just...wow. All of the information is here; I can tell you reading over this thread had me up-and-running in no time at all. And folks here are excellent at helping with specific questions should you have problems. So spend ten minutes and skim through the thread (hint: skim the thread backwards to save some time - had you bothered to read the post directly above yours, you'd know which version of MSE's installer to download, and a link to where to get it!); you will get a whole lot of excellent information from some very knowledgeable people. If you don't have time to expend that tiny bit of effort and make an attempt on your own, well, dunno what to tell you.
  6. My concern was that the Definition Updater failed to update the definitions yesterday, I had to download and perform the update manually. Today I tested, and while MSE failed (again) to update, this time MSE_DEF_UPD_v1.5.exe downloaded and installed the delta ( I ran the MSE_DefUpdater_TaskMan.exe to install everything, but I changed the task to run once in 24-hours...every hour seemed a bit excessive. Excellent job on the program, BTW, thank you!
  7. I must be doing something wrong... Am running XP in a few virtual machines on a Windows 7 64bit host to handle some of software I need to run, and unfortunately it required connecting to the Net. The only reason I want to run MSE is the lack of nags...all of the other "free" anti-vir packages have become so annoying I want to stick a sledgehammer though the monitor. On the one VM, MSE had, until the beginning of this month, performed flawlessly. My last update was on the 2nd, with defs created on the first. (I suspected it had something to do with installing the randomware patches MS released, but I didn't get those installed until the 14th, and MSE stopped updating on the 2nd.) When I attempt an update, MSE hangs on "Searching..." (sometimes repeating the thermometer from the beginning), then fails silently with "Your PC isn't using the latest updates..." I tried to track through this thread (although I admit I was skipping around until I have the time to read all 19 pages); I pulled the passworded RAR, ran the 1.5, and received what you see in the partial screenshot I've included. The Net connection is working, and I've tried it with my usual VPN running as well as turning it off and running directly from the Verizon connection. Can someone point me gently in the right direction for what I need to do to fix this? Edit: Used 1.5 to download the complete definition, placed the .vdm/.dll files in the \Documents and Settings\...\Updates folder and *poof* - updated. Will seriously need to read this entire thread - there is a ton of good information here. Still, it would be nice if I could coerce MSE to update itself...
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