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  1. this is pc built to handle most dos and windows games. specs cpu: 1.4 tualtain P3 mobo: asus cubx-e RAM: 1gb (4x256) pc133 GPU: nivida 5900 ultra. lots of sound cards for everything. dual booting 98se and XP.
  2. SO, so far i have win98se installed using 98lite sleek with the win95 shell. from there i was thinking of installing the Unofficial Win98SE SP 3.56 and the Shell 95 Update Project (if it isnt included in the sp ?) after that i was going to make an hdd image back up in case i need to restore and then trying out 98se2me. dose anyone have any suggestions of what i could do better and add and need or what i shouldnt do or a different install order? thank you.
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