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  1. Hi frnds, I am making a multiboot CD containing two linux live rescue cds systemrescuecd-x86-0.2.15 ,INSERT-1.3.5a_en and BartPE . What have I done .. In the First phase of cd making, I tried to make a multiboot linux only cd..booting from isolinux.bin.For that I edited isolinux.cfg and added boot options for both Cds. I then tried making the cd from CDimage using command cdimage.exe" -l"RESQCD" -t2/29/2004,12:00:00 -h -j1 -b"J:\EasyBoot\disk1\isolinux\isolinux.bin" "J:\EasyBoot\disk1" "J:\EasyBoot\iso\easy.iso" but always I would always end up getting error So I tried by other way. This time I opened any one of the linux live cd in UltraIso and then modified it by adding the files of other cd too and also changing the contents of isolinux folder.. Then I saved a new copy of iso and whoa !! it worked fine. Thus I checked my settings for isolinux.cfgIn next phase of making , I started easy boot. I extrcted boot file of the multiboot linux cd made in phase one using UltraIso (linux.bif) , and tried calling it from the easyboot menu , but then I again got the same error.. FYI I made the Cd using the followings options in CDImage 2.47 GUI cdimage.exe" -l"RESQCD" -t2/29/2004,12:00:00 -h -j1 -b"J:\EasyBoot\disk1\ezboot\loader.bin" "J:\EasyBoot\disk1" "J:\EasyBoot\iso\easy1.iso" I also tried mkisofs , as following. but then gave me error cannot find menu.ezb , the main menu file in ezboot folder... and so everything stopped there.. I wanted to start from easyboot as it gives me password protection option and also I am able to make it easily.. Can any one help me with the error ??? Or any quick trick in cdshell which seems to be very confusing to me.. I read flykite's guide and downloaded cdshell.. but it seems to just be going over my head... Thnx in advance , mGforCe
  2. Hi Guyz,,,, help me out.. I am on a college LAN.. and we have some PC with high speed internet connection.We the students have slow speed connection. Now by some means we have got radmin installed on some high speed internet connection pcs , ie; we are able to access the PC remotely from any other computer . We are also able to open remote command line. Problem What I want to know is a way of installing softwares via command line ie there is no need to click on any menu etc ? Just typing the file name on the remote command prompt installs files. Reason the problems comes from that fact that there is always some user logged on to those PCs. So if we try to controll via Radmin then our mouse movements etc are visible to them and they shut down the PC. What I tried For this purpose i tried Auto It the utility from Symantec etc, but again it does no work. I tried to install Jana Proxy server on a pc and then made an installer using Auto It , but then this also does not works fine from remote command line. It requires a click.. Remember there are many registry settings etc. So we need to have an installer and not some archive.. I tried to search for softwares which can be run from command prompt.. No success I mainly need to make installer of a Proxy software which can be remotely installed just by typing, the software can be configured with all settings like ip address to be allowed access, username password etc ... But its better if some one can provide me some Generic method which can be applied to all normal softwares.. Thanks in advance.. Regards, NB this is not realated at all to installing from CD.. but then I found this as the rite place.. MODS plz correct me if I am wrong.
  3. Thnx a lot for your cool tool.. Using it to compress drivers which will be used in Drivers From CD (AutoIt ) Method
  4. Thnx for providimg this nice guide and to all for their inputs.. I am going to make UXPCD withthis methods. I am compressing drivers using this method (http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=35869) , I hope it will not create any problem..
  5. No there is no Windows Server version there.. U may read some info about the AIO dvd here http://nalimforce.tripod.com
  6. Sorry.. I forgot to mention.. I already tried nLite.. It doesnot work.. It asks for I386 folder which is not there.. Its renamed to some other 4 letter word..
  7. I got a multiboot DVD containing different versions of Windows XP like OEM , Simple Chinese , Traditional Chinese.. Since this is Multiboot so the names of I386 folders have been changed to other 4 letter words . I wanna know which folder has which version of Windows XP.. ie whether it is English , Chinese or what.. Is there any tool which we can use to find out ??? Or which files tells us the version info ?? Attached is pic of the Files on the DVD
  8. I checked the edited winntbbu.dll in Virtual PC..The colors were changed..So I think there is some problem with XPreview.. Finally I was able to get a working / customized winntbbu.dll..(This was just for trial) Now I will make one suiting my thoughts.. Thnx to Astalavista & Alanoll for their help..
  9. Thnx for replying that fastly..but I am seeking ur help in why there is error after changing color using BBU color changer..Any help in this regard will be greatly appreciated..
  10. I downloaded "http://ezshare.de/files-de/72778/Playboy_winntbbu.rar.html" On opening it with XPreview there was no error. But when I am changed the text colour using BBU Color Changer and tried to preview it in XPreview there was the following error: winntbb could not load WINNTBBU.DLL Bitmap(s) 104, 105, 109 are missing. Strings(s) 23, 24, 25, 63, 64 are missing. Also I downloaded "http://ezshare.de/files-en/111637/Compilation_of_WinnBBU_from_different_Members.rar.html" In this there were many editied dlls like :-- PlayboyWINNTBBU matrix kasian kraszewska etc... I uncabbed all of them using the command "expand -r winntbbu.dl_" Only a few are opening in Xpreview ( lesbo,Xenosaga , FFX2 (without logo) )..Rest all are giving error of same type..telling bitmap(s) missing. Also on changing text color using BBU Color Changer of original windows winntbbu.dll ..I saw no change on previewing it with XPreview.. don't know why.. PS: I am using XPreview v 1 build 4250. which I downloaded from "http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=25442&hl=jcarle+utilities" Also BBU Color Changer was d/l by me from the link given on site.. This is my first post but in this only I am asking a lot question..Sorry for that but ...eager to make my own customized setup screen Edit :: I had notwritten complete "Topic Title" and by mistake posted message and when I tried to edit it there was no option to edit Topic ..So this confusing topic title.. Sorry for that.. If any mod reads this then kindly change topic title to "Error opening winntbbu.dll " Thnx

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