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  1. Okay I found that units dates were way off. For some reason the first server does not care what the current date is while the second server will not seem to let it map the drive. Set to the correct date and the the maps the drive. Any reason why it matters? Or why one server cares while the other does not?
  2. I am not new Winpe been using it since 2.0. I have created a WinPE 10 Version 1151 64 bit. I have update the drivers of NICs. I work in a large enterprise environment with many different models of laptops. On some models it maps both shares without any issues on other models it will not map the second share. I use the net command to map two network shares in the startnet.cmd file. The shares are on two different servers. The first share maps with out any issue. The second share reports wrong password. BUT this only happens on some computers not ALL. I have several Lenovo
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