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  1. Running Aero Glass 8 with the latest building of Windows 10 will return to normal UI after a while. Is there any solution?
  2. I do not know the contact information for the creator of AeroGlass!
  3. Applying Creators Update will cause Aero Glass to not work properly. Is there any improvement method available?
  4. After applying Creators Update, Aero Glass became unspecified Is this improved by the user's operation? Or is it only to wait for Aero Glass to upgrade? It is a shame that Aero Glass became unusable since the major update of Windows 10. Does anyone know the solution?
  5. Sorry The contributing e-mail account namie3104@outlook.com I am good for the author who wants to erase the mark which appears on the lower right of the screen and the dialog to recruit contribution later, too, and request.
  6. Mace who made contribution in thanking you and stopped nx3104kt@gmail.com paypal The ID is nx3104kt@gmail.com. The zip code 299-3237 The remittance name satosi tanaka ( 田中 聡 ) It is Akira ). It asks, being good. It is looking forward!
  7. I contributed about 3 days before in paypal. However, the e-mail doesn't reach yet. It may be that further contribution is necessary. The contribution is " satosi tankaa] ". ( Tanaka ) In the name of Akira ), the zip code is 299-3237. It is 3 euros.
  8. I contribute about 3 days before in paypal and the e-mail doesn't reach yet for free. The one of the westerly wind or もりんれない 、 being if not doing much contribution of だらに ( - _- ; )
  9. I am Japanese. I am using machine translation. I am using Aero glass. I want to appreciate a producer. When contributing, the logo which is in the lower right of the desktop, too, disappears. However, it is な character. The remitter, PayPal of the producer refuse to pay from Japan. Is there a way of contributing PayPal to the producer without using it?
  10. I am Japanese I am using machine translation I am using Aero glass I want to convey my gratitude to the producer As you donate, the logo on the bottom right of the desktop will also disappear However PayPal, the remitter of the producer, refuses payment from Japan Is there a way to donate to the producer without using PayPal?

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