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  1. also, I am pretty green on the issue MGADiag could you instruct me step by step? Thanks. Dan
  2. Hi. How to telephone MS to activate? Is there a phone number? Thanks. Dan
  3. Hi. I tried the key and it did not work. I bought this Toshiba in 2010 and I did not get the window install CD. I have a hdd partition to recover to window 7 and I made a boot flash drive with it. I still can reboot using this flash drive. The key is a sticker on the back of my computer. Please help. Thanks. Dan
  4. Hi. I bought a Toshiba Satellite C655 6 years ago. Recently, I did a system recovery of the computer. It installed the windows 7 and many try out software. I did not like these 'extra' software. So I downloaded an windows 7 home premium from bit-torrent site, and installed on my computer. It did not require product key while in installing. But after the installation, a message came out "Window is not genuine", I tried to put my product key from my Toshiba sticker, but it did not work. Is there a way to 'activate' the 'clean' version of the windows 7? Or, I have to go back to the 'bloated' original window 7 version? Thanks for help. Dan
  5. Hi. I need your help here. I have owned a Toshiba Satellite C655D-S5139 for more than 5 years. In the course of the ownership, I did several time to set the computer to out-of the box condition. This was easily done by using a partition on the computer's hdd. Recently, I created an reboot media (a 16GB flash drive), then I did a reboot from this created media, it was successful. Howerve it deleted my original factory image from the computer's hdd. At this time I thought of to make a safe measure. I copied my first bootable flash drive to a second 32GB flash drive. Unfortunately, I lost the first bootable media. I tried to boot my computer to the factory condition from this 2nd flash drive, but failed. Every time it brought me to the normal window. My total size on this 32GB flash drive is 9.xx Gb. I checked the main components are in an folder: image. The files are the following: exclude: type is configuration settings. 1kb PREINST.CRC: CRC File 9,401 kb PREINST.SWM: SWM File 638,792 kb ... PREINST15.SWM: SWM File 540,789 kb Is it possible to make a bootable drive from these 16 SWM files? thanks. Dan

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