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  1. Ok so I ended up rebooting and reinstalling NTLite. I then extracted a new copy of the new iso. It is now mounting!
  2. Thanks, Ill give that a try, typo on my end. 'E:\00 - Downloads\OS\Windows 7 ISO' is the correct path I should have also mentioned that day before yesterday the above path was working with the other custom ISO I was working on. Update: Just moved the iso into a single folder in main directory, same error.
  3. Thanks nuhi, So I downloaded 2 more windows 7 iso's. I MD5 checked both versions. One is directly from microsoft. I am unable to add either or download. I am getting a: "Invalid Windows image path 'E:\\00 - Downloads\OS\Windows 7 ISO' <---thats my local path Please select a folder containing Windows setup DVD, ISO or USB Both ISO have been MD5 checked and verified. I also moved 1 the the desktop and still getting the same message.
  4. Thanks for the reply nuhi! Ok I will have to try to integrate again and follow your link. Little confused. So I downloaded the original ISO "Windows 7 ISO". Then I start NTLite and in the Source "Load" the version of Windows 7 from the iso I want to integrate to. So my question was, does the original ISO no longer stay original? Does loading the ISO source in NTLite edit it in anyway or does it stay the same and not change?
  5. Hi, So I built an Windows 7x64 sp1 ISO and added the sp2 updates and usb3 drivers in addition to my Lenovo drivers. I am installing this on a newer UEFI Lenovo laptop. I installed Windows 10 already using the same formula and NTLite. Once I create my Windows 7x64 ISO I then rip it to my usb thumb drive and boot. I start the Windows 7 installer and it says one of my drivers is missing. This is the usb 3 driver that "should be" on the the usb drive but it isn't. Any ideas what could be happening here? Is there anyway to visually check to make sure that my Lenovo drivers are on the usb drive? Does NTLite also out of curiosity, make any changes to the original windows x64 iso? When I go to build my ISO I make sure its a new directory and has a different name. What is weird is that if I go back to my original iso and load the windows pro, it seems like it has already integrated my drivers? Maybe this is just me not seeing correctly. NTLite.log

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