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  1. Oh, finally I found what I want. Someone had similar appetite as me here http://www.classicshell.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=5157
  2. Thank you for answer, I actually tried classic shell and it blurs taskbar well, and there was an option to open Windows 10 start menu with Shift+Win. Classic Start Menu Settings -> tick on "Show all settings" -> click on "Taskbar" tab -> Set "Taskbar look" to "Glass" and modify "Taskbar opacity". Also in "Windows 10" tab, there is an option to enabling opening the original start menu by pressing Shift+Win. I still couldn't find a way to make it default - Windows 10 start menu should open when I press Windows key and when I click on the start button..
  3. It looks like 'Classic Shell' changes the start menu to window 7 style start menu.. I'd like to keep windows 10 style start menu, so that's not an option..
  4. @Dreamweaver01 Thanks for the link! I've managed to do it with @Rabangus 's way. However I don't like the fact that now taskbar blinks each time I press the start button. It becomes non-blur at first and then becomes blur. I would appreciate if anybody can point out a way to prevent from taskbar being changing when a start button is pressed!
  5. I tried to apply aero effect on taskbar by running C:\AeroGlass\SetWindowCompositionAttribute.exe class Shell_TrayWnd accent 0 0 0 1 C:\AeroGlass\SetWindowCompositionAttribute.exe class Shell_TrayWnd blur true However, after I press the start button, the blur strength of taskbar gets reset and I have to run C:\AeroGlass\SetWindowCompositionAttribute.exe class Shell_TrayWnd accent 0 0 0 1 once again. Is there any way to prevent this? I am just following readme.txt that comes with SetWindowCompositionAttribute.exe.
  6. So the problem is: In a browser e.g. Edge, when I open a page with lots of white spaces, I can see windows behind it. Where there are borders of windows behind it, there is a small color difference in the browser's 'white' area. I didn't have this problem before, but after installing & uninstalling Aero Glass several times and using other softwares like OldNewExplorer, UXThemePatcher, Winaero Tweaker I started to noticing this problem. I tried the beta version too, but it didn't solve the problem. I tried uninstalling Aero Glass but the problem did not disappear. But I guess this can be due to Aero glass because it is what makes things transparent. Maybe there are some settings which aren't fully reverted by uninstalling Aero Glass.. Any help would be greatly appreciated! I'm using windows 10 14393.187 build.

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