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  1. DrStrange I'm not sure if you mean you are intentionally using the older GUI version or not but if not...On page 7 of this topic Bigmuscle posted a newer GUI which has an Accent tab as well as the tabs you mentioned above, 



  2. Thanks Bigmuscle... you're the man. Please don't let others dissuade you. I'll believe most are appreciative.  

    After the recent issue with Win 10 v1803 17134,441 I reverted back to 17134,407 from image system copy and turned win updates to manual mode and continued to use Aero Glass for Win8.1 + v1.5.9.  I just installed  Aero Glass for Win8.1+ v1.5.10 and is working fine on 17134.407. Based on the download page and it's present available versions I'll assume and hope I'm not wrong that v1.5.10 should work on win 10 versions 1703 15603.xxxx through to present win 10 versions 1809 17763.xxx.

    Can anyone confirm?  In particular 17134.441

  3. Thanks sbkw1983. Nice to have the color option...looks nice.

    I am not using the experimental aeroglass version because (on my system at least) it keeps accumulating  RAM. I can make it reset or dump the accumulated RAM by closing the DWM debug window...after which when it restarts, the RAM is back to nominal...and then it begins accumulating again.

    I use the older version of aeroglass which while there is no glass effect in the title bar...it allows me to use the aeroglassGUI.exe to set a theme atlas which looks nicer than my only other alternative appearance of the more bland Aerolite theme.

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  4. It appears to me that 32 bit Aero Glass will no longer be supported. This is the change log from the download section for Aero Glass 1.5.5:

    -- 1.5.5 (20.8.2017) -- * fixed drawing context destructor hook * fixed DPI-Awareness on UWP apps titlebars * hopefully fixed titlebars on UWP apps with extended frame - ApplicationFrame symbols are required to make this work correctly -- 1.5.4 (12.8.2017) -- * version designed for Windows 10 Creators Update (10.0.15063) * dropped support for 32-bit systems

  5. First, I should think anything regarding Win Ver. 1703 Creators update ( Aero Glass 1.5.4 ) should be posted to an appropriate topic. This topic is for Win Ver. 1607 ( Aero Glass 1.5.3 ). Secondly, Information regarding the Win Version and build need to be included or stated in some form so the issues can be trouble shot accordingly. Of course in general discussions or comments Win Ver. etc. may not be necessary. I myself am not to Win Ver. 1703 yet. The efforts and work individuals put in using and debugging advanced Win versions or insider builds is greatly appreciated but need to be posted appropriately for clarity. Just my opinion.


    Win Updates.jpg

  6. carlitosoo555...No offense but I don't see a demo of Aeroglass working here? Barring modern apps. Do you have an example with fluent tuned off then? If of course that is possible.  I'm at Version 1607 (OS Build 14393.1198) just prior to creators. From what I'm hearing it sounds like things are working OK?

    Glass2k can set transparent windows... appears to be able to set any layer in any app/program with memory recall to up/down 10% max transparency. It is not dynamic...yet. Very old program that still works to date.


  7. NoelC and bykaracivi45TR could you help us here? I for one would really appreciate it...and sure others would to. I like the grey scale version in scheme shown by bykaracivi45TR ver  Crystalight TextGlow Dark . But it is missing bounding shadow (optional). Could you make one PLEASE!!!

  8. I set up close to yours. Details are close to the same . I think your using win8rp.png because of lack of shadow. I'm showing NoelC square corners here but I tried both atlases and don't see the color difference your seeing. While there is a slight tone change the colors are close to the same. I believe color variation on your edges may be in system or graphic card settings or even perhaps your monitor settings...review carefully. Just a guess. Colors should be more gradient to the closest color to itself if personal settings don't conflict ie: if you set black background white text will appear and vise versa. Also to the above about bugs concerning shadow...I don't see it here.

    Color Boundies.jpg

  9. NoelC

    win 10 1607 - 14393.351

    I can't confirm issue. My reliability monitor indicates 1 Windows Explorer event on 10-09-2016 since 10-02-2016 when I first started using the newest GUI. I experience nothing unusual while making adjustments with the GUI. I don't use any theme patches.

    Reliability 10-30-2016.jpg

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