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  1. Hello After installing win 10 update kb4517211 i'm getting a Incompatibility error, i've added a debug file. Thanks debug.log
  2. Hello there! i have been encountered an annoying issue when i try every time to install the aero glass 1.4.5 i get the error: "Aero Glass does not Know how to hook YOUR VERSION of DWM (0x8)" Does anyone know how solve this? p.s: my win 10 is 10586 and up to date.
  3. Sorry from being a complete noob! I've seen how to generate one of the keys.
  4. It's been almost a week since i donated and i still waiting for help! It is possible to fix the mistake that i did before the donation?!
  5. Hello again! I would like to know how long it will take, and if need to do it again to complete the process.
  6. Many Thanks for the replay! My bad that i didn't see that but i will receive the key if i didn't check it?
  7. Hello there! I contributed 3 euros more then 9 hours ago and still waiting for the key, please help i would like to know what i did wrong! I've tried to contact to bigmuscle@centrum.cz couple time and i didn't get any responses. p.s: I'm new to the forum so please be gentle.
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