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  1. Just wanted to update those who are still holding out for AIM 5.9 Today I tried AIM 5.9.6089 in a virtual machine for Windows 98 and still doesn't connect. No cigar. It's proving to be a modification we'd need to make in the way AIM connects to but I'd have no idea where to finish with that.
  2. We're in the same boat, Kuja. I'm using DeadAIM too, which is probably why I was able to connect until today too. I don't have enough know how to attempt to do it, but I really would if I could.
  3. After a little bit over a week of still being able to use AIM 5.9 (perhaps because of a mistake by AOL?) I am now having issues connecting. Signing in is almost an infinite loop but every stage says "Connection interrupted". It's odd because my friend who still uses 5.9 is still able to connect and I can see them online from mobile AIM app. Not sure what's going on. Going to try to restart and maybe even reinstall AIM, but I don't have any high hopes. Can anyone else who has been booted off confirm that the error message says "Connection interrupted"? Then I'll at least know if t
  4. Looks like I'm in the same boat with you, Andrew, but in a different version. The classic AIM 5.9.6089. I was one of the people who saw the updates for AIM 7 Jan 1st, 2007 and never upgraded. Call me stuck in my ways but I'll never see AIM for anything except 5.9.6089 (and lower). Unfortunately for me, downgrading my OS isn't a possibility, and even if it were, I'm not sure if it'd even help this version in particular. Like you said, Andrew, I'd considered this another of AOL's many stunts (how many times did they say they were discontinuing it? I've lost count) but after googling a
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