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  1. XP SATA driver install

    I've search the board and can't find any thing that applies to my situation. Maybe I'm not using the right words in my search, so forgive me if I'm bringing up something that is already been dicussed. I have an image that I've made, I run sysprep, and upload it to a network share with BartPE and Ghost32.exe. We are a Dell shop so I have 1 image for laptop's that works with D400's through D620's. We just got the new D630's in and I've noticed that it uses new SATA drivers, so I've updated the BartPE disk with the new drivers but I'm at a loss how to add them into Windows. The install for the new drivers just extracts them into file as if one were going to put the drivers on a floppy and use the F6 method when doing a fresh install. I've tried setting the IDE controller to Standard and copying the INF files and into c:\windows\inf directory but with out success. Again, sorry if I'm going over something that has already been covered in length.
  2. I have 2 RIS images on the server. 1st is the RIsetup image and the second is the riprep image that has the app's and configed the way I need it. I had this working before I thought I would do some house cleaning and deleted all the images that I didn't need. I didn't know that I needed the risetup image files for the riprep image. So I re-uploaded the XP CD from the risetup.exe and then created my image and uploaded it via the riprep.exe, but I do not get the option to select which image I want in the RIS Configutation Wizard. Thanks Trub
  3. When connected to the Remote Installation server via PXE, you enter your User name, Password and Domain. Hit enter and it gives you a warning about erasing the hard drive hit enter again and you get a summary, PC name, the GUID and the domain. My question is how do I get a field where I can manually type in the PC name I want? I have seen this on another RIS machine but do not know how they did it. TIA
  4. After having uploaded my Riprep image to the RIS, I am loading the image on to a machine. After it copies the files to the PC it reboots and asks me for the CD key. Is there a way when using the Riprep image do have the CD key in a SIF file so that it automatically continues?
  5. No IP address

    I've created a RIS image with windows XP SP1A with a volume license cd and configured the unattended file so that all drivers are installed and the reg tweaks are applied via the cmdlines.txt file. I did so with the help of this web site which I sincerly thank. But when I logon to the machine after the imaging i go to command prompt and type ipconfig and get for an IP address. I don't even get a 169.x.x.x Windows address!?!? If an do ipconfig /renew I get "An error occurred while renewing interface Local area connection : the system cannot find the file specified.". I have deleted and re-installed the NIC drivers which come on the Dell GX 280 driver CD, everthing is good in Device Manager and even took the steps outlined by Microsoft to recover from a corrupt winsock2 KB 811259. I have verified that the drivers are the correct ones as I'm using them on another machine to connect and write this call for help. TIA Trub