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  1. Sorry for the late reply I figured out my own problem with a different method There was a CD lying around with Windows 98 SE on it, though the CD is very old so I can't really install from it. I copied Win95 setup files from an other CD to the Hard Disk (with Lubuntu), and then restarted my PC with the really old CD on it Start Computer without CD-ROM support, and navigate to C: drive and type setup Not how I wanted to install Win98, but I guess this will do, thank you everyone for your help!
  2. I have to press F8 (during POST) in order to boot from Pendrive or any USB devices Never tried that before, I'll try that and report back any news
  3. FDISK detects the Laptop's hard drive perfectly It's just that my laptop refuses booting on my Pendrive, but works without any problems on my Flash Hard Drive
  4. The question is how Bootable DOS does not recognize my Hard Disk, even after when I reformatted it into FAT32
  5. Hi everyone Since October, I have been struggling to install Windows 98 SE on my old laptop, but whenever I tried It I always got BSOD, setup errors, or simply "Setup cannot find file", or the setup never continues. Target laptop is a ECS Elitegroup A530 (A530_TM5600) It has available Win95/98/ME drivers for It It can boot from Pendrive or USB Hard Drive, but it doesn't have Floppy, CD/DVD is out of the question because I can't burn the Win98 iso to CD I have tried to make the Pendrive DOS bootable, but for some reason It couldn't detect my Hard Drive (Maybe I did it the wrong way?) Copyin
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