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  1. actually i don't care about these rules. i am cracker. and i actually cracked this v1.4.5 i just wanted to donate and see if they are trust worthy. i saw they are not. so i will do what i have to do. you all deserve this. whoever acts like you do doesn't help at all.
  2. i don't have anyproblem with his rules. but he has to MENTİON THEM. this is crime if he says it afterwards. i have to know how many key that system will give me with how much money. lets be honest we don't donate. we are only annoyed that water mark so we want to get rid of it so we buy it.
  3. You said it: you didn't buy anything. You donated as much as you wished. And recieved as a gift as many keys as the developer wanted to give you. He could even have given you none at all. It's not a purchase, just a donation. even if it is a donation there should, have to be a justice between donators. if someone gets 3key others too. btw developer doesn't choose it special to me because mail was automatic come after 1 seccond of my donation" so there is a written rule in system does gives extra keys to some others. it is not fair. it is donation not a purchase. in donation you can't seperate people. please fix this. this is just wrong in so many perspectives.
  4. hi i just donated and got my donation.key for my machine's id.. how many id's can i get with my donation only one? there are people who got 2 or 3 keys with a donation why i can only get one? it is donation we don't buy anything..
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