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  1. Thank you, I'll try that. I just need to ask, is this a temporary fix, or a permanent one? If it's temporary, what do I do afterwards? Thanks, NoPinky
  2. Hello, I installed Aero glass for windows 10 computer, 64 bit. Unfortunately, I also checked the "install Aero Glass Theme" box, not knowing that there were other custom themes I could use. I first installed it in my downloads folder. After that didn't work, I deleted the Aero Glass folder and installed it in my c drive, again with the same options. I think I deleted that folder from the C drive as well, although I might have uninstalled it via the control panel. However, the aero themes are still in the \resources\themes (Aero.theme and the aero folder). It seems that these still run at startup, since I can't delete them. Says I require permission from trusted installer to uninstall them. This is frustrating because I want to apply Aero 7 Themes for Windows 10. Trying to select these themes does nothing. I'm able to rename the \aero\ folder, but when I do, the computer is unable to boot (displays a flashing white screen), and I have to use system restore to go back to before I renamed that. I'm fairly certain that this is the cause, but it's possible that it's also because I installed uxstyle and uxtheme patcher for the current build of windows 10. Could someone please help me out here? I'm honestly out of ideas, and I'm probably going to have to reinstall Windows if nothing else works. That's a hassle I definitely do NOT want to go through. Thanks, NoPinky
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