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  1. Recently when copying & pasting the png or picture is to far to the right to allow me to resize it, I cant see about 1/4 of the png so I can't click on the corner and resize it. Never had this problem before. Small png's fit into the doc area ok but a larger one isn't. Again I have always been able to resize any picture copied from a newsletter article etc. Settings have somehow changed?
  2. rgh43

    Revert to Win 7

    I have heard if you are in the 30 day window of going to WIN10 you can just basically switch back. Not so? I did the upgrade to Win 10 on 2/15/16
  3. rgh43

    Revert to Win 7

    I had reloaded Win 7 just prior to my upgrade to WIN10. Don't normally like to do an upgrade but I was pretty sure it was still clean. So on 2/14/16 id did the upgrade so I'm in the 30 day timeframe if that makes any difference. I just don't really like WIN 10. I did a Acrtonis backup of Win 7 b/4 I did the upgrade &it is on my backup HD. I have the OldWin in my C drive but it looks like the opinion on the Forum is to use a backup like Acronis rather than the old Win file I have in the C drive now. OK, so how do I reformat the C drive or do I need to reformat before I get Acronis to reload my OSP of Win 7 , now do I need to do anything else before reloading. My "C" drive is used for my OSP & programs only.
  4. Right On! I don't but it is still not their business period.
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