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  1. have you try remove the ram ,do you have onboard ram ?
  2. I have icore 3 asus x45c with 2gb memory onboard, and recently i add 2gb more , ddr3 1600 hz visipro, all doing fine when start, but when memory usage reach more than 2gb it shows bsod (blue screen of death). I;ve check that x45c do support 1333/1600 , don't know what the prblm
  3. I have Dell tablet with Windows 10. This morning I turned on the tablet and checked the local weather. All done. Turned off tablet. Turned it on a couple hrs later, no desktop icons showing, no apps showing. Just have desktop picture showing. I can access internet and file manager from the bar along the bottom of screen. The Windows icon in the left corner does not do anything unless I press and hold for several seconds. Then I get a menu for system, control panel, etc. Downloaded and ran malware scanners, and Avast. No change. If I swipe the screen left to right, the desktop icons appear for a split second. Swiping right to left doesn't work. Any ideas?

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