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  1. Have u experience this much delay as you stated above or just guessing
  2. In my opinion you could well continue running XP as you are not experiencing (or have not described) any issues with it. IF you feel like changing OS, you have no real *need* for Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit, any more limited version (please read as cheaper) would do nicely for your "home" uses. In any case your hardware is (from the little you say about it) on the "slow" side, particularly 2 Gb of RAM, which are more than enough for XP, are a tad bit "tight" for Windows 7 (any version) and I have to presume that other hardware components may not be powerful or fast enough to provide you a positive experience with Windows 7 usb dvd download tool Windows 7 (like Vista before it) has a much greater needs as hardware resources, it will anyway be slower than XP, depending on the specific hardware you have it is possible that this added slowness will be hardly perceivable or enough to make you feel your PC as sluggish. If you post the exact specs of your hardware someone might be able to give you an estimate of how "well" a Windows 7 might run on it. jaclaz Well i have no such reason for upgradation because my win xp working fine for me i am just want to change os to see new windows graphics and other cool features
  3. in your opinion i should use Windows 7 home eddition
  4. ...what version? Office2000 has (some) issues, as well as OfficeXP and Office2003, but they do (somewhat) work. Apparently most issues is installed on 64-Bit. Office2007 works just fine. Not really sure, but AFAICR Office97 will have more issues. DDR (slow) vs DDR2 (faster). Obviously your CPU isn't a Socket478 (no Dual Core). Yes, you will experience "slower" compared to XP, especially until you shut down unnecessary services. Basically, I'm (kind of) agree with jaclaz and dencorso. edit - BWAHAHAHAH! I meant Tripredacus. (submix8c need new glasses...) me using ms office 2003
  5. Agree with you but i need some change.
  6. Presently i am using windows xp on my home PC. I am using Dual core 2 GB RAM specs of my home pc. I want to ask should i move to windows 7 ultimate edition or not. Beside that Win XP for home working fine. I just used as Ms office related works. So i installed it on my PC will it working slow? what you say?
  7. Hi I am yogoman new here at msfn website. I want to learn computer knowledge and share with rest of the world

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