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  1. Yikes!! I wasn't aware that F4UBCD was illegal!! It kind of makes sense that Mini XP would be illegal, it didn't occur to me until now - Microsoft frowns on re-distributing their stuff. I am positive that not all of the software on there is illegal - most of it is open source freeware. However including ANY commercial or copyrighted software in the collection, would definitely make said collection a no-no. Still, I had fun accomplishing the task. I'll probably look through, find and cut out the commercial contraband in my personal stuff. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.
  2. Although I've seen the term Warez a few times on the 'Net, I've never discovered the meaning. Googling it. I must admit, I didn't read the forum rules, as I've read rules on many forms, and usually manage to stay out of trouble. That, however sounds like a warning. Now Googling faster...
  3. For the curious, the root of my drive, looks like this: [7x64][7x86][81x64][81x86][AOMEI][boot]bootmgrbootmgr.efi[DaRT][efi][f4ubcd]grldrgrldr.mbr[hbcd]menu.lst[shared][x64][x86] --Aaron
  4. I have something like this working, or at least very close. I have Windows 7, 8.1, and 10 in x64 and x86, as well as MS-Dart 6.5, a hand-modified Falcon4 UBCD, and AOMEI's PE Builder 1.5 booting from a single 32 gb flash drive. The "at least, very close" part, is that 7 & 8.1 installers use a generic winpe.wim in place of boot.wim. By default, this drops me into a command prompt. I haven't tested this next part yet, but if I did it correctly, I believe I've integrated an automatic installer for drivers from driverpacks.net and a multi-oem customizer tool. Note that I did not write or creat
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