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  1. Event ID 13, MSFTPSVC Cannot access the home directory

    Just got off the phone with Microsoft. We ended up creating a new FTP SIte with Active DIrectory User Isolation. We created a new service account and granted it Domain Administrator permissions and it worked. Still doesn't explain why it worked in the past with the old service account without Domain Admin permissions...maybe a security patch? I am now waiting to here back regarding the minimum permissions required for the MSFTPSVC service account.
  2. First let me say my FTP Site with Active Directory User Isolation has functioned in the past until recently. Even now the behavior is very strange. * I can still login with no issues * A service account that was able to login previously with no issues, is no longer able to login , home directory inaccessible. * New User accounts I create cannot access their home directories. Here is my work flow for creating new users in ADUC and allowing them access to FTP. 1. Create new domain user account 2. Open domain User Account Properties, Select Member Of tab, add them to the FTP User Group 3. Open ADSI Edit, add entries for the users FTP root directory and folder. 4. Navigate to the ftp server, create the user home folder 5. Verify read, write, modify access on FTP This is the folder structure that allows the user access [ftp server] Inetpub - FTPROOT (FTP Users have full control over this directory) - [user Directory] All FTP user home directories are in this folder So for ADSI Edit entries I would have msIIS-FTPDir \[foldername] (I create this folder when needed) msIIS-FTPRoot \\[servername]\ftproot\ (does not change for any user) Notable items * The local Administrator password was changed within the last 2 weeks *The service account (used to move backups to the ftp) could no longer move the backups as of about 2 weeks ago * I have tried deleting and recreating the FTP Site * I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling IIS via add/remove windows components, I would think uninstalling and/or creating a new FTP site would negate any effect of changing the local administrator password. Another strange point, when trying to get the UserIsolation Mode via ADSutil.vbs i get an error Here's the command: C:\Inetpub\AdminScripts\cscript adsutil.vbs get MSFTPSVC/63361983/UserIsolationMode Here's the result: Microsoft ® Windows Script Host Version 5.6 Copyright © Microsoft Corporation 1996-2001. All Rights reserved ErrNumber: -2146646000 (0x800CC810) Error Trying to GET the Object (GetObject Failed): MSFTPSVC/63361983 63361983 is the FTP Site in question This is Windows 2003 SP1 Website I have already visited: http://www.microsoft.com/technet/community...er/default.mspx http://blog.crowe.co.nz/archive/2006/09.aspx Additionally I have filemon currently running on the server. When I log into FTP I can see the success result of routing my personal account to the appropriate directory path. However when using this service account, nothing is displayed, not even a failure to open or access denied. Please help
  3. I have set up BCM 2007 with a remote database configuration to a SQL 2005 server in a domain environment. My users can access the Instance/Database just fine when they are logged on to the domain. However they cannot access it when logged onto the local computer. Permission denied for user....... My users cannot connect to the domain remotely. Is it possible to configure BCM 2007 to allow access to these users? My gut feeling is no but what is up with the offline usage feature then?
  4. business card scanner ?

    CardScan.com They are the leader in this category and my brother is also the network admin for them. Good People.
  5. Calendaring Question

    I am using Microsoft Outlook 2003. I have 2 Profiles. I have 2 Exchange Mailboxes accounts. Is it possible to synchonize my calendars from 1 mailbox to the other? note: i can do this manually but i'm really hoping for a synchronization tool
  6. How to Change the TYPE classification

    I don't really know the answer but maybe this can put you on the right track. SBE stands for Small Business Edition. Seems like you might have some business contact manager installed that is preventing you from moving your contacts. just a thought
  7. Outlook 2003 only supports 1 exchange server at a time.... is there a work around for this, besides creating another profile?
  8. Exchange Notification

    Hey guys, I would appreciate some help on this. I work for a small company and our Exchange Server 2003 has been acting up lately. How can I set it up so that I am notified whenever there is a problem? We only have 1 Exchange Server the specific issue lately has been the SMTP service is hanging, causing email to not come in. error 1053 Our building has had network issues for the past couple days Once the server is restarted email comes in again please help I found that GFi Mail Security was hanging the SMTP service when there is network congestion. After uninstall SMTP no longers hangs Can anyone help with the notifications though? Something to do with SNMP?
  9. export all contacts to vcard

    thanks, I'll give this a shot!
  10. export all contacts to vcard

    Well its been about a month on the job now. I asked some annoying questions in the beginning but I've defiitely learned a lot since then, and still learning. Hopefully this question isn't too easy. I have about 50 contacts that I would like to save as vcards. Is it possible to do a mass save all as vcard instead of opening each one and going to save as vcard? Thanks again to everyone who has helped me in my previous posts Note: Are there any free utilities to do this?
  11. I think I messed up Outlook 2003

    So its been a few days later, and the problem has yet to be resolved. I have since made a new xp pro sp2 disc and still nothing. looks like a format is in order, unless someone can recommend another solution. The enclosed image is the error message I am getting.
  12. Exchange Server - Changing the from address

    Problem solved The way to do it is to grant send on behalf permissions http://support.microsoft.com/kb/327000
  13. MS Exchange Server 2003 I'm doing some system administration on an exchange server and i was wondering if it was possible to change the from e-mail addresss in outlook web access. You can do this in outlook client. If someone can maybe point to a good url or lead me through the process if its a quick solution. For instance at work I have outlook 2003 setup to be able to send new messages from my work email address or a personal email address -thanks for everything
  14. I think I messed up Outlook 2003

    Well the sfc /scannow switch definitely seems to be the right solution however I need my original xp disc now. since i modified my i386 folder. I think i definitely learned my lesson in modifying windows objects.
  15. I think I messed up Outlook 2003

    Well Thunderbird really isn't an option since this is primarily for work use. I got my first full time job and I'm trying to set up my home machine so everything works properly. Additionally I'm getting a Pocket PC as a perk so mainly there is a convenience factor involved. Thanks soulin, I will try your suggestion and reply on my success/failure. Thanks again everyone