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  1. Hi guys! I'm deeply sorry for starting another thread (since i got quite flamed in my old one for obvious reasons) I created my first unattended CD a few days ago. Alot of changing and editing before the final version. Allthough, there are som minor errors i cant seem to figure out myself, and i bet most of you know how to fix them. The formatting and installing was totally automated, the first time i had to manually use the keyboard was at the first login. That kinda bugs me a bit, since i want it to be totally unattended. My user account should be named Jonas and have the password banana, the Administrator account should have the password apple. The first time i booted windows i was asked for the admin password, i typed it in and GuiRunOnce started creating my account. How would i go about if i want my account (Jonas) to be first logged in as and have the status of administrator? I have read the account settings section of the guide and i've done everything said there. I think the problem is that i'm using the swedish version of windows XP and 'Administrators' is replaced with 'Administratörer'. Is there any other way of upgrading the account to admin status other than 'net localgroup Administratörer Jonas /add ? Since the letter ö is swedish the commandline cant understand it. Second error: Internet Explorer was totally gone! I have no idea of how that happened, but it did. I was left with no browser at all, my rescue was mIRC, i logged on and asked some guy to send me the firefox installer. This is what i have as [Components] msmsgs=off ! msnexplr=off ! freecell=off hearts=off minesweeper=off pinball=off solitaire=off spider=off zonegames=off Could any of them cause IE to be excluded? Or could it be that i stripped my windows CD from all the, according to the space saving page, unnecessary contents? (LANG, DOCS etc.) I must say I'm gladly surprised, ALL the drivers i included was installed and ready upon first boot. DX9 and AGP8X was activated and the sound worked by default! ( !) Anyways, i appreciate all the help i can get. I'm pretty much stuck here. Thanks for the input /Jonas EDIT: The resolution options, are they applied at first bootup? Can i set them to the max since my gfx/screen drivers are installed automaticly.
  2. Hey, that's exactly what i want aswell! I think setting 'Repartition' to 1 will do the trick, im not sure however. One thing i was wondering about is this: Filesystem: Should it be set to NTFS for automatick quick format of the drive?
  3. Firsttimer, SP1, a few Qs

    Thanks for the answers guys. I have read it all through now, at last. Sorry for jumping straight into the forums :/ I tried to compile my own .iso with th C:\XPCD after doing some minor changes in the answer file, and it actually worked! I mounted it in VMware and the installation went on, though i had to manually install it into the 4GB big virtual disk. So i guess this can be skipped by simply adding the 'Reformating' options into the answer file, I'll have a deeper look into that before posting anything more. I'm thinking of just including the drivers on the CD rather than getting into auto-driver-install, It seems too hard. Thanks again
  4. Hello there. I'm totally new to the whole idea of unattended installs. I was told to stop whining about my neverending formats, and get an unattended version instead. So here I am, new and frustrated. Basically, I want to fix a CD that installs windows with the answers in the .sif, install drivers, and that's it. Too bad I cant understand a bloody thing when it comes to batch commands and such. I get the idea of how it works. But I am too afraid of doing more harm than good, and I've never really configured any install myself. I guess I'm just the typical lazy Windows user. So here's my questions in general: 1. Is it possible to use SP1 instead of SP2, would it be any difference in the steps? (since i really dislike SP2, i wouldn't even think of installing it on my machine ever again) 2. When using unattended install, would the install automaticly format the drive before installing any windows components/other applications? 3. Would the windows installer install the components it could recognize from the driver.cab file if i had not made any changes in the C:\XPCD\$OEM$\$1\Drivers path? 4. Is there any pre-configured answer files and commandbatches available for newbies like me? Thanks alot for your time and help, I appreciate it alot. PS. My spelling and English knowledge might be a bit ridiculous, since in Swedish. And I'm goddamn tired. Bedtime, cheers.