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  1. Thank you very much. Would be so kind and help me a little bit more? BigMuscle says on page 1 of the above mentioned thread that people should not ask how to apply an experimental build. Could you please direct me to where would I find such an information? Also, after reading the thread, I am not sure if the 506 build shows always a watermark in the right bottomo desktop corner or not. I donated for the 8.1 version, but I do not have the key anymore. Donation confirmation mail linkes me to a page that does not exist anymore and I am not able to download or login the license. Thank you once again in advance.
  2. I was using AeroGlass on Win 8.1. After upgrade to Win10 it does not work. I spent two hours trying to figure it out but no luck. Please help. I am on build 10586.14. People reported that they run AeroGlass on 105... ok. Before installing Win10 I unistalled AeroGlass. After AeroGlass installation I get DWM error. I tried to apply the script but no luck. I have also noticed that I am suppposed to have donation.key in my AeroGlass folder. I copies a key from my previous AeroGlass (8.1) folder, but it has filename license.key. I donated for the 8.1 version, I still have that confirmation mail. I tried to generate new key but no way how to login. Please help. Thank you.
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