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  1. my WPI.CMD start from %SYSTEMDRIVE% and install from CD/DVD @ECHO OFF REM REM WPI startup something. REM REM Example, how to look for CDROM-drive. Must have a file called WIN51 in its root. for %%i in (C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z) do if exist %%i:\CD.TEST set CDROM=%%i: echo Found CD-Rom as drive %CDROM% REM Determine the WPI startup path. REM If WPI should run off the CD the replace %dp0 with %CDROM%\PathToWPI set WPIPATH=%CDROM%\INSTALL\WPI echo WPI will run from %WPIPATH% REM Font installation - the easy way for /R %%i in ( *.ttf ) do ( echo Installing font %%~ni.ttf copy /Y "%%~fi" "%windir%\Fonts" > nul "%WPIPATH%\common\installfont.exe" "%windir%\Fonts\%%~ni.ttf" > nul ) REM Hide this command window "%WPIPATH%\common\cmdow.exe" @ /HID REM Special registry tweak needed regedit /S "%WPIPATH%\common\wpi.reg" REM Make WPI driectory the current directory for /F "delims=: tokens=1" %%i in ("%WPIPATH%") DO %%i: cd "%WPIPATH%" REM Start WPI and wait for its end start /wait WPI.hta REM call any cleanup code here, or after this script. del /F %SYSTEMDRIVE%\WPI.CMD
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