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  1. get asian language on win98SE

    maybe its easier to just install a asian windows and problem fixed. and problem left are to find dirvers. i know for my desktop i use i can find if i do look for them can take a few hours. but for this laptop im out oif luck. the site i used dont work anymore and if i dont find the driver i burnt to a cd im afriend that i will nevr find them anymore. sadface maybe have found them guess toshiba have hosted them still. they did not for a few years ago when i tryed
  2. get asian language on win98SE

    i did find this njstar.com but the program i try to run on my win98 pc. say that it prefored an illegal operation and then thats that. so it dont work. dont know if there is some older one i need or where to i can find it really
  3. get asian language on win98SE

    oo i see thanks. i will look for that on google.
  4. hey i started to play some really old games that are chinese, but the problem is that they need to be on win98 i did try on xp and sure it worked but i did get gliches and a bluescreen. the problem is that the pc i uses is a laptop "toshiba Tecra 8100" so it get no means what so ever to get online. only via phone line i dont ahve. so is there anyway to get this installed and working without useing internet? i did kearnel EX but that needs internet to install. thanks for the help
  5. Compaq Deskpro EN

    yea i see. maybe i should try to mfind a nvidea i know they wrok seen on youtube, but well maybe not this month
  6. Compaq Deskpro EN

    i see. i thought of a riva but i dont know what i should get. i mean the riva cast 60$ and this is not the M64 one the M64 you should not get. but i dont know withs cards are PCI nor what to look after
  7. Compaq Deskpro EN

    i did try to clan the contats i think i did so it looks abit better. but the shapire card i get no scren from nor the built in, and when turn on the pc i hear the it start up but if i press the power button it instanly turn off. i think its somethign wrong there, for the shapire card i did pull out my Sound blaster live card aswell but still no screen and i still instant power off the ATI card so far only get video error so will see if i can clan it better i did try to resit it but still error so far.
  8. Compaq Deskpro EN

    ok i think the normal for the 1 slot drive one are a riser card with 3 PCI slots.
  9. Compaq Deskpro EN

    well i can go into bois and look and it says AGP 64MB i can change it from 64 to 32 not sure what it does but i ahve set it for 64. and its fun for there is no APG slot in teh computer only the earlier had it or it only was the one with 2 drive bays im unsure but i seen some youtube vid on one that had APG slot.
  10. Compaq Deskpro EN

    ok thanks you help me alot. well i only get 2 card. one are shapire 9200 whits give no video on inbuilt card and the other are the rage card that give video on the inbuilt card. i know you can use the riva TNT 2 PCI card. seen videos about that, but i dont know why i dont get any video from the card even fi dont get any dirvers i still should get something. i did try to cahnge some IQ setting so they all have diffrent numbers but i dont know., i know nothing about this stuff and its so furstreting. the worst part of all are that there is no dirver to be find. i wonder how people are doing it these days, i just wanted a 98 PC play old games and play areound in the 98 system but its so many problems to even get the thing to work... and when the market are dead it cost to much to buy a system from Ebay i mean it cost up to 150€ not included shipping with is on like 100-200€ so its not cheap at all. but i will still try, id ont know if 32vMB are good or not i wanted to ahve 128 mb to be on safe side but well it not working. but i will still try not giveing up yet.
  11. Compaq Deskpro EN

    well i went into bios and looked i try to change some stuff that i thought i can do... but i get no screen from the ATI card and i windows dont even fin it as a unknown divaes. i did post one time with one long beep and 2 shorter ones not sure what that means. i did change the sound card and ati card i get the PC to boot into windows but still no screen oin ATI card it find the sound card no problem. and i get my screen from the inbuilt card
  12. Compaq Deskpro EN

    nice try http://support.amd.com/en-us/download/archive/legacy-98mewhas it this easy i whould find it. problöem are i can downlaod from here nothing happens and the 2nd link been on aswell dont work i get this driveragent-setup-1278 and thats not the driver its some weird stuff.
  13. Compaq Deskpro EN

    i use the ATI card in my windows 98 pc
  14. Compaq Deskpro EN

    i did get my card. but i dont know if it works atleast i get video from my inbuilt card and it find something in the PCI slot i dont get any driversr and its super hard to find them i ahve been looking for a few hours now and all sites i can find something on are dead so cant downlaod it. i have a ATI rage 128vr PCI 32MB card. thanks the help PS. dont just link me a site without testing it first please.
  15. Compaq Deskpro EN

    i have bought a new card just in case its a PCI readon 128VR 32MB card. it did not cast much like 15$ so waiting for that to come and see if that wanna work. to try the other card are therte any diffrence in the PCI slots on newer matherboards? or can i just stick in into my current PC that run windows 10 with PCI-e GPU if it fit in one of the slots? i think it has some PCI slots but im not sure if it will work there. and i dont wanna do something bad.