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  1. Anyone, is Microsoft really not going to release any major version upgrades to Windows anymore, so we'll have no more Windows 11? If the rumors of Windows 10 moving into a subscription plan are true, does this mean we'll just be getting incremental OS updates through Windows Update or similar moving forward? I shudder if this ends up with the nightmare it was to install Windows 8.1 Update 1 on the majority of systems I had to deal with. Cryptic errors with update packages, uncertain resolution methods... Anyways, leaving the nightmare scenario aside - is WinTen really the last major OS from Microsoft for the Desktop, then? Is this rumor really true?
  2. Yes, I know this can be done by removing the Windows Update in question, but what does one do if you have actually locked-in the OS updates with a command like the following? DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /StartComponentCleanup /ResetBase This actually helps to free up space, but the negative effect is that updates cannot be uninstalled. Can I really not get rid of the Windows 10 Upgrade Applet now?
  3. Does anyone have any ETA on Surface Pro 4? I am very curious whether the existing keyboard covers and docking stations will work as-is with the Pro 4, or whether an upgrade will be required as was the case when going from Pro 1/2 to Pro 3. This might be inevitable, of course, if Pro 4 comes in a 14" form factor. My eyes would enjoy that I'm sure Anybody got any hints/tips?

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