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  1. Just completed a full rebuild of my laptop and updates are now coming in from Windows Update including other Microsoft Products. I am convinced however that due to a 'problem' between Administrator rights and my Registry while Windows updates happened with no problems, I could not install any updates for other Microsoft Products even using the WUD Tool. Putting the laptop back to Factory Settings and then installing all the other programs as well as getting shut of the rubbish from the laptop manufacturer has given me a fully functional machine again, while the first job after this latest download of 1.8Gb of updates has finished will be to make an image of the HDD, which will allow a much faster recovery, 14 hours on a complete rebuild is no fun!
  2. All the updates in this list are Post SP2 updates. Make sure SP2 is installed before attempting to install the updates otherwise you will receive that message. I tried installing the updates in logical order based on the date of the file starting off with the earliest and got the 'error' message from the first file, so none have been installed. I am now thinking that there is a 'problem' with the actual program itself as it was not included in the automatic windows update utility either.
  3. Slight 'problem' so hope someone can help please? As the version of Office I have installed is x86 (x32bit) I downloaded all the relevant Microsoft Office 2010 Updates and ended up with lot of them for both SP1 & SP2 I then tried running/installing the update files for the utilities (Word, Excel, Outlook & Power Point) that I have enabled in Office but I keep getting a message telling me that "The expected version of the product was not found on the system" If there is a different way to install the Updates can someone please advise me how this is carried out? Thanks
  4. Each update can be installed by running it. You may want to script it to install all updates in one go using the /quiet /norestart switches. (To integrate the updates into the installation media, extract the msp files and place them in the Updates folder. Any patches placed in this folder will be applied during initial install only.) Full list of supported switches for the patches is as follows: /extract:[path] Extracts the content of the package to the path folder. If a path is not specified, a Browse dialog box appears. /log:[path of log file] Enables verbose logging for the update installation. You must also include the file name in addition to the path information. The command does not create a folder. Therefore, you must use an existing folder name. In addition to the specified file name, a separate log file is created for each .MSI file that you run. /lang:lcid Sets the user interface to the specified locale when multiple locales are available in the package. /quiet Runs the package in silent mode. /passive Runs the update without requiring user interaction. /norestart Prevents prompts to the user when a restart of the computer is needed. /forcerestart Forces a restart of the computer when the update is complete. /? /h /help Displays a help message. Thanks for the additional information on this and sorry for taking so long to reply. I just found out that even though a tool I was using told me I had the 64bit version installed, it turns out that it is the 32bit version, so I have had to dump all the updates and start again by getting the x86 files! One question further if I may..... Am I correct in thinking that you cannot get Microsoft Office 10 Pro Plus to automatically update itself using the Windows Update Tool? Thanks.
  5. Hello, I found this thread regarding Office 2010 Updates which was good news for me as I was not being advised in Windows Updates of any updates for the product. Followed the guidance to get the Windows Update Downloader and then got 58 Updates associated with the 'x64.ulz' file. I then saw the advice to use 'nLite' to carry out the installation of the numerous files but when I start 'nLite' having installed it I get a message asking me to make sure that i have either the i386 or AMD64 files in the selected folder, while 'nLite' is for a pre-installation environment only and it cannot modify an existing installation. So can anyone advise me please how I go about installing the 58 files I just got, as I am a 'newbie' to this 'operation'? Thanks
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