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  1. Hi I can create a Windows 8.x installation DVD with the boot.esd and install.esd files? If so, how do I do this using only Windows ADK? Thanks Bye
  2. I found this script inserted in the http://deploymentresearch.com/Research/Post/399/How-to-REALLY-create-a-Windows-10-ISO-no-3rd-party-tools-neededpage but I can not understand why the author creates, first, an empty volume image in the boot.wim and install.wim files, and then they are deleted. Why? Thanks Bye
  3. Hi With the Windows ADK 10, instead of using Imagex to rename the name and description of an image volume, it is possible to use the Dism command to do this? Thanks Bye
  4. In short, to do this, I should run the following commands dism.exe /Apply-Image /ImageFile:"esd_File_Path>\install.esd" /Index:<Index_Number> /ApplyDir:"<Temp_Dir>"rmdir /s /q <Temp_Dir>dism /Quiet /Capture-Image /ImageFile:<Capture_Wim_Dir>\install.wim /CaptureDir:<Temp_Dir> /Name:"container" /Compress:max /CheckIntegritydism /Export-Image /SourceImageFile:<Capture_Wim_Dir>\install.wim /SourceIndex:1 /DestinationImageFile:<Windows_Files>\install.wim /compress:recovery /CheckIntegritydel <Capture_Wim_Dir>\install.wim for each volume image of Windows that I would. At this point, I should have the install.wim. Right? Now, I can not understand how can I get the other files which make the DVD. Someone could help me? Thanks Bye
  5. Hi Using only Windows ADK 10, I can manually convert an esd unencrypted file into an iso file with the install.wim or install.esd file? If so, what are the commands to do this? Thanks Bye
  6. Hi Someone could explain the structure of an esd file which contains multiple volume images? Thanks Bye
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