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  1. To get rid of the search assistant (dog), and enable classic search, the XP registry settings attached to this thread have this line: "Settings"=hex:0c,00,02,00,1b,01,e7,77,60,00,00,00 Elsewhere on the internet I have seen this variation: "Settings"=hex:0c,00,02,00,0b,01,f8,75,60,00,00,00 Could anyone please explain the difference?
  2. WildBill, great to know you're working on those. Thanks for letting us know. Meanwhile, get well soon!
  3. Thanks for your work Wildbill. To run some modern browsers, some missing dependencies are required. Could you add them? GetNumaHighestNodeNumber - Palemoon AtomXP 25x, Firefox 39x GetLogicalProcessorInformation - Palemoon AtomXP SSE (for old processors) - http://www.romanstefko.com/pale-moon-sse/ CreateActCtxW - K-meleon 75x WTSGetActiveConsoleSessionId, RtlCaptureContext - Vivaldi - https://vivaldi.com/

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