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  1. Jupp,, thats where I got that XML file in the first post. Unfortunately it didn't really seem to help me much. Nonetheless, I deinstalled the AMD graphics driver and the bootup was significantly faster. Now I just have to figure out a way to get working graphics drivers =) EDIT: After installing Leshcat drivers the system seems to work again. Until windows decides to install its drivers over the Leshcat ones. Seems to be a real issue with winX, my laptops hardware and official drivers (AMD and Microsoft both). Thanks all!
  2. Thank you! The Laptop is a Lenovo Edge e520 which I upgraded with a 250 GB Samsung EVO 840 SSD. Right before the WinX upgrade I did have boot times of 12ish seconds. When I do a boot to safe mode I get boot times around 12 seconds, too. It's just in normal mode. Disabling the isolation service didn't work unfortunately. In fact, I tried disabling all startup items AND all services and still had the slow boot. Only during safe mode, which doesn't load all drivers, I don't get a delay on boot.
  3. Hi all, I upgrades to Windows 10 pro from my smoothly running windows 8.1 and had issues from the start: For starters, my boot time is almost ten times as long and afterwards the laptop occasionally pauses for about 80 seconds. Nothing reacts anymore and after a while it just continues. I checked the event log and couldn't find anything. When booting in safe mode, the delays don't seem to happen, so I assume it might be a driver issue. So I did a fresh install from ISO and found out that I have no delays --- until I connected to the internet and windows update downloaded something. I still hope I can salvage the system and don't have to reinstall again and hope I can deactivate windows update. Currently, as the boot dump said, It seems SMSINIT takes so long.. while being idle most the time. <interval name="SMSSInit" startTime="1152" endTime="81565" duration="80413"> <perProcess> <perProcessCPUUsage name="Idle" time="78871" percentOfInterval="98.08"> <cpuUsage priority="0" time="78871" cumulativeTime="78871" ofProcess="100.00" ofInterval="98.08" cumulativeOfProcess="100.00"/> </perProcessCPUUsage> </perProcess> <perPriority> <perPriorityCPUUsage priority="0" time="78871" ofInterval="98.08"> <cpuUsage process="Idle" time="78871" ofPriority="100.00"/> </perPriorityCPUUsage> </perPriority> <diskIO readBytes="163969536" readOps="4698" readTime="801" avgBytesPerRead="34901" medBytesPerRead="4096" writeBytes="17604608" writeOps="156" writeTime="157" avgBytesPerWrite="112850" medBytesPerWrite="4096" totalBytes="181574144" totalOps="4854" totalTime="959"> <byFile> <file name="SOFTWARE" readBytes="59715584" readOps="46" readTime="107" writeBytes="0" writeOps="0" writeTime="0" totalBytes="59715584" totalOps="46" totalTime="107"/> <file name="atikmdag.sys" readBytes="21622272" readOps="1" readTime="32" writeBytes="0" writeOps="0" writeTime="0" totalBytes="21622272" totalOps="1" totalTime="32"/> <file name="boot_BASE+CSWITCH+DRIVERS+POWER_1_km_premerge.etl" readBytes="0" readOps="0" readTime="0" writeBytes="16777216" writeOps="19" writeTime="28" totalBytes="16777216" totalOps="19" totalTime="28"/> <file name="Netwsw00.sys" readBytes="11739648" readOps="6" readTime="21" writeBytes="0" writeOps="0" writeTime="0" totalBytes="11739648" totalOps="6" totalTime="21"/> <file name="igdkmd64.sys" readBytes="5414912" readOps="2" readTime="11" writeBytes="0" writeOps="0" writeTime="0" totalBytes="5414912" totalOps="2" totalTime="11"/> <file name="$Mft" readBytes="3477504" readOps="849" readTime="105" writeBytes="192512" writeOps="42" writeTime="6" totalBytes="3670016" totalOps="891" totalTime="111"/> <file name="win32kfull.sys" readBytes="3590144" readOps="2" readTime="5" writeBytes="0" writeOps="0" writeTime="0" totalBytes="3590144" totalOps="2" totalTime="5"/> <file name="CHDRT64.sys" readBytes="1617920" readOps="2" readTime="3" writeBytes="0" writeOps="0" writeTime="0" totalBytes="1617920" totalOps="2" totalTime="3"/> <file name="win32kbase.sys" readBytes="1382912" readOps="1" readTime="3" writeBytes="0" writeOps="0" writeTime="0" totalBytes="1382912" totalOps="1" totalTime="3"/> <file name="ntdll.dll" readBytes="1152000" readOps="45" readTime="14" writeBytes="0" writeOps="0" writeTime="0" totalBytes="1152000" totalOps="45" totalTime="14"/> <file name="rpcrt4.dll" readBytes="1089536" readOps="50" readTime="8" writeBytes="0" writeOps="0" writeTime="0" totalBytes="1089536" totalOps="50" totalTime="8"/> </byFile> <byExtension> <extension name="(none)" readBytes="62743552" readOps="507" readTime="160" writeBytes="413184" writeOps="67" writeTime="69" totalBytes="63156736" totalOps="574" totalTime="229"/> <extension name=".sys" readBytes="54214144" readOps="292" readTime="122" writeBytes="8192" writeOps="2" writeTime="0" totalBytes="54222336" totalOps="294" totalTime="122"/> <extension name=".dll" readBytes="31078400" readOps="2220" readTime="303" writeBytes="0" writeOps="0" writeTime="0" totalBytes="31078400" totalOps="2220" totalTime="303"/> <extension name=".etl" readBytes="1536" readOps="2" readTime="0" writeBytes="16839168" writeOps="32" writeTime="82" totalBytes="16840704" totalOps="34" totalTime="82"/> <extension name="$Mft" readBytes="3514368" readOps="858" readTime="106" writeBytes="196608" writeOps="43" writeTime="6" totalBytes="3710976" totalOps="901" totalTime="112"/> <extension name=".PNF" readBytes="3020800" readOps="225" readTime="24" writeBytes="0" writeOps="0" writeTime="0" totalBytes="3020800" totalOps="225" totalTime="24"/> <extension name=".mui" readBytes="2605568" readOps="232" readTime="30" writeBytes="0" writeOps="0" writeTime="0" totalBytes="2605568" totalOps="232" totalTime="30"/> <extension name=".exe" readBytes="1895936" readOps="143" readTime="21" writeBytes="0" writeOps="0" writeTime="0" totalBytes="1895936" totalOps="143" totalTime="21"/> <extension name=".cur" readBytes="1098240" readOps="44" readTime="7" writeBytes="0" writeOps="0" writeTime="0" totalBytes="1098240" totalOps="44" totalTime="7"/> <extension name=".ani" readBytes="1014784" readOps="32" readTime="6" writeBytes="0" writeOps="0" writeTime="0" totalBytes="1014784" totalOps="32" totalTime="6"/> <extension name=".nls" readBytes="547328" readOps="18" readTime="3" writeBytes="0" writeOps="0" writeTime="0" totalBytes="547328" totalOps="18" totalTime="3"/> </byExtension> </diskIO> </interval>If anyone has any clues on what could cause that, i'd appreciate help.

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