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  1. i think in this instance i must be out of luck. thanks.
  2. file protection is off.. deleting them is no problem, but that doesn't stop the files from getting cached anyway, or stop xp from installing backup drivers in folders like windows\inf
  3. yeah, i could easily purge it after windows boots, but is there a way to stop all those files from being copied over in the first place? seems like i'd be a big timeboost.
  4. Is there any way to stop windows from filling this folder (c:\windows\system32\dllcache) upon install? same question for c:\windows\inf\ seems like a big waste of install time and harddrive space.
  5. i don't think he's really accomplishing what i want to do. Does anyone know how I would consolidate all my files into 1 directory rather than having them spread all over my harddrive? is this even possible?
  6. I have been trying to make it where some of my applications don't have to be installed.. just extracted to a folder. I've been working on trying to get audioCatalyst to work, just to see if i could but I've been having endless problems. I've been trying simplify it with WinINSTALL LE with editing the msi and registry files, but not having much luck with it. Has anyone done anything similar? I don't like how these programs s*** dll and shared files all over my directories. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. I call my silent installs from RunOnceEx, but I can change to a different method if need be. They are all self-installers with no parameters in a folder at the root of my cd. I install everything in that folder. Is there any way to set up a file to automatically scan that folder for files or to just go through the files in that folder through alphabetical order? The reason I ask is that I get tired of changing my RunOnceEx every time I make a change to my install folder at the root of my cd.
  8. yeah, restarting does nothing. sfc_os.dll is still protected so i can't replace it. i want to turn this stuff off so i can delete those empty folders (like 'xerox') with my cleanup.cmd.
  9. i've tried replacing the sfc_os.dl_ in my i386 folder with ryans, as well as running the registry fix after installation, but no luck. how else could i replace that while? i can't do it while windows is running because it's protected. Any suggestions other than going into safemode? I mean XPlite does perfectly.. but how?
  10. I am trying to make firefox the primary browser for my unattended cd. I've been trying to remove the shortcut to IE from the quicklaunch toolbar, but no luck. I always have to remove manually after first boot... any sugguestions? I delete the shortcut in my cleanup.cmd, but its there anyway after it runs. I have to run it a 2nd time (manually) for it to actually get it. Also, i guess as a consequence of the stuff i've removed with nlite, i've lost the right-click ability to create a new .txt file. Can i get that back? and how can i remove New->Wav sound and New->.bmp file. these seem pretty freaking worthless. Thanks.
  11. I normally remove WFP with nlite, but I just made a new cd with RyanVMs newest hotfix pack and now WFP is back. I can turn it off after install with XPlite, but I would rather have it off before windows ever boots because it messes up my automated installs/deletes. I tried searching but i'm not really seeing any solutions that aren't just a clone of what nlite is supposed to be doing.
  12. I'm really liking WPI, but I want to be able to remove IE6 completely from my XP install. I know WPI says it needs that to work, but is there a work around to that? If I installed firefox before running WPI could it run off that instead?

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