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  1. Running 2 gig right now. Insufficient memory to initialize remove memory resident programs or unnecessay programs from autoexec or config
  2. Still get the same error. Have also tried the maxphyspage=40000
  3. I have a Dell Latitude D810 with 1 of 2 gig of mem, which ever is easiest to do, PROCESSOR, 80536, Pentium M Dothan, 2.13GHZ, 2 MEGB, 533FSB, PLASTIC GRID ARRAY, C0 GRAPHICS, ATI TECHNOLOGIES INC, 128MB, M24, LEAD FREE Old laptop died so put the drive in this newer one and now trying to get it to boot. Not sure if its win 98 or win 98SE http://tinypic.com/m/iwq8fr/2 Took the pic of mem command. What else do you need since I cant run?

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