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  1. Ok, so when launching using params with quotes, for example : test.exe -! firstParam "secondParam"This works : RunProgram="cmd /C test.bat"But this doesn't work : RunProgram="cmd /C \"test.bat\""The problem is that I need to put "test.bat" inside quotes because it is, in fact, more something like this in my case : RunProgram="cmd /C \"%%T\\some path\\test.bat\""The workaround is to remove "cmd /C" completely and then it works : RunProgram="\"%%T\\some path\\test.bat\""I'm not sure if there is a difference when launching the .bat directly or using "cmd /C" though...
  2. Well, I'll have to find what is different for me then! I guess it has something to do with : RunProgram="cmd /C \"%%T\test.bat\""vs. RunProgram="test.bat"I'll check that tomorrow. Thanks for your help!
  3. Hi, I'm trying to pass a parameter containing spaces when calling the installer, but it doesn't seem to work. For example : installer.exe -! firstParam "C:\some path with space\test"This is supposed to call a .bat file and pass it the two parameters. The .bat is declared as : RunProgram="cmd /C \"%%T\test.bat\""It doesn't work. It seems that as soon as there is a quote in the parameters passed to "installer.exe", then "test.bat" is not called correctly. When I do not use spaces or quotes : installer.exe -! firstParam secondParamThen "test.bat" correctly receives "secondParam" as the second parameter! How can I pass a parameter containg spaces? I've tried without success : installer.exe -! firstParam "C:\some path with space\test"installer.exe -! firstParam \"C:\some path with space\test\"installer.exe -! firstParam \\"C:\some path with space\test\\"Even that doesn't work : installer.exe -! firstParam "secondParam"Thanks in advance!

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