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  1. thanks jaclaz. will keep you posted once i get a chance to work on the hard drive again.
  2. Hi Jaclaz, Thanks for your response. Additional info below: Which OS are you running? > Windows 7 Is it an internal or external disk? > External How exactly (under which OS and with which tool) was it originally partitioned? > Windows 7, disk management Which was it's use (i.e. a backup drive, a "main" drive, almost empty, almost full, recently defragged, etc)? > it was connected to an all in one touchscreen desktop (HP touchsmart), and was storing recorded tv programs and was also a repository of pictures and videos. I will be buying a HD to clone the original disk into. Will buy Western Digital this time!
  3. For reference, these are the results of the HDDScan And heres a screenshot from windows: I can't seem to see any data on the HDD anymore since its not being recognized as formatted, so there's no way to make a backup! The drive still shows up in Windows Device Manager, but it shows up in Windows as a RAW drive (primary partition), with 2 other unallocated partitions. It was originally formatted as NTFS. I tried booting from Linux Ubuntu but can't see the the drive either. I have already connected it to different machines and on a HDD dock as well. Still the same. What do the HDDScan results mean? Can you recommend troubleshooting and data recovery software/methods? Would running these utilities cause further harm? For fear of damaging the disk further, I have not run chkdsk or testdisk on it yet. Please excuse the newbie question, Is my drive the notorious 7200.11?
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