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  1. Hi all, Disabled inbound replication on the primary DC but if a user has been created on the secondary DC it still able to connect on both the DC's even though the new user had not been replicated on the 1st DC ADDS. what mechanism is happening after disabling inbound replications.
  2. I will repeat how MANY THINGS (some of which were listed above) are ALREADY EVIDENTLY NOT PROPER on that machine, currently it is a MESS, i.e. it is SEVERELY MISCONFIGURED, you re NEAR to have the filesystem COLLAPSE through filling it up to the brim and you worry about deleting unneeded files being "not proper"? I give up. jaclaz i cant get a new server right away now thats the reason for but until then i have to figure out that it to be in control and a chance to analyse for a while and yep its completely misconfigured both in hardware and software level, we knew it and replacement
  3. Is that a good idea by doing so because found on the net its not proper to do as suggested by microsoft
  4. Consider how a fully installed 2003 R2 x64 should be something like less than 5 Gb. If you use a Server 2008 R2 and 2x36 Gb Mirrored SAS drives you have -18 Gb available for anything else jaclaz Actually the server is used to run a couple of applications. It has two roles print and document service,RD services while harddisks are mirrored users are accessing the application through RDP and it might be the cause for occupying the space next to the windows folder but most of the files are stored to a another mapped drives server under same domain by the applications and leaving user files by
  5. Hi jaclaz i found its 16 GB ram from the system properties and i have no idea whether both has been system managed, am getting upon the dump file thru the given link and let me know assigning user quota and tracing out the whether system managed pagefile.sys
  6. Using the tools that traced out the files occupying the disk space are as follows and its found to be the windows and users files also its not you mentioned its the other way when "why" the "which files" are obvious and it remains the same while did manually the thing is as i mentioned in my previous post the users are too taking more disk space as well Windows 38.4gb Installer 16.7gb winsxs 11.2gb.... Users 30.7gb user1 6.9gb user2 3.8gb.... Files 16.0GB pagefile.sys 16.0GB
  7. well it just a thought of the hardware but am still in research of the space occupied by the file system also i have another doubt if the no of users accessing the server grows rapidly will it might the cause of the buffer that occupies the space even though its matter of bandwidth whether it also has any inner mechanism
  8. You've said this or something similar several times. Did you try any of the various tools listed above to try and see which exact files are taking up space? I'm guessing either user profiles, though not in the Windows folder of course, and/or temporary files, but I could be wrong. Cheers and Regards Oh is that so then i have to look apart well i have decided to place a new server instead, but being other servers are AMD inserting a x64 architecture either raise any compatible issues and the PDC resides in an AMD machine
  9. Adobe acrobat, ms office and some file conversion softwares also the windows folder alone occupies 38.9 GB of space i have no idea why its taking such amount of disk space?
  10. Yep i knew that it cant be xtended but i'll go with that least choice as of now and to upgrade the server very soon or else any way to shift the application to network drive or external drive. The point is is that a good idea ??
  11. Yes you are right but still the disk space issue persist, it again went back to the space 6% left and i cant get to replace the server immediately i need to figure out soon to resolve either by shifting the application to any other rack server or to find any network share instead as am in the verge of serious disk space issue please let me know any other way to extend it atleast for 10% now. Is there any way to do in external drive? Also i found a link: http://blogs.technet.com/b/askpfeplat/archive/2014/05/13/how-to-clean-up-the-winsxs-directory-and-free-up-disk-space-on-windows-server-200
  12. It seems single (Physically),not sure about two disks unless i remove the cabin cover and it shows single disk (mirrored) in the disk management(technically), also am in the plan to change the server as it is AMD by intel although i found no performance lag so far but heard that it will not as intel. Even though files are stored externally the applications and the windows folder took 75% of disk. What if the other disk unit is vacant whether it can be placed by a disk and be extended ?
  13. I found there were more downloaded files and some how managed to increase upto 10% , this rack server consist most of the office software and rdp services and with the same server brand another rack server along but it too has single c drive in the same domain. With respect to your answer is that 1U's space can't be extended and the second rack server is not listed on the network location rather it was in the device and printer list although its accessible. How can i revert it back to N/W location and suggest servers other than 1U's for enhancement.
  14. As it is an dell poweredge sc1435 rack server with a built in single hard drive of 111.79 gb of mirrored disk and i found the usage of applications and users comes around 45 gb but i still have to find the remaining disk space whether it is occupied by windows updates or hidden files. In the command prompt chkdsk i found 117210208 kb total disk space 107952124 kb in 366452 files 232972 kb in 65125 indexes 0 kb in bad sectors 1983920 kb in use by the system 65536 kb occupied by the log file 7041192 kb available on disk 4096 bytes in each allocation unit 29302552 tota
  15. Hi all, am facing disk space crunch only 6% left as it was a mirrored disk drive on C:\ can anyone help me to avoid less disk space, whether i have to choose to insert new disk drive or else can we extend it by adding network disk with it.
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